Republican’s Illegitimate, Rigged Recount to Prove Trump Won 2020 Election

In a desperate attempt to prove the 2020 Election was stolen and Trump won, Arizona Republicans are conducting a illegitimate, rigged SHAM “recount” by partisan hacks determined to prove the 2020 election was rigged & Trump won.

With the ballots under their SOLE control, these lunatic sore loser Republicans are going to do what-ever it takes to make sure THEIR count says “Trump Won!”.

Journalists have been banned from entering the coliseum to observe the “recount”, so some members of the press resorted to entering as ‘observers’. Jen Fifield, reporter for the Arizona Republic was one of the only people to get access as an observer. She reports that in addition to the Cyber Ninjas CEO spreading and supporting conspiracy theories, her team “could not find much election auditing experience in his background.”


Actual Elections Experts Head To Arizona As Trump, GOP Fixates On Clumsy ‘Audit’ Stunt

With President Biden marking the 100 day milestone of his administration with an ambitious plan for the United States, the Republican opposition, with Donald Trump still its leader, is fixated on a cockamamie scheme to overturn the previous election. Rachel Maddow reports that after days of a bumbling pro-Trump ballot examination in Arizona, actual elections experts are being sent to supervise.


Sketchy Pro-Trump Recount Off To Rocky Start In Arizona

Jen Fifield, reporter for the Arizona Republic, talks with Rachel Maddow about the loose security and poor attention to detail on the first day of a recount of 2020 election ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona being conducted by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist at the behest of the state’s Republican senate and at the expense of Arizona taxpayers.


Arizona Republicans Embrace Ridiculous Recount For Trump

Rachel Maddow reports on the bizarre conspiracy theories that underpin the effort by Arizona Republicans to conduct (another) taxpayer funded recount of only the presidential election ballots from last November from Maricopa County in the belief that they’ll discover that Donald Trump secretly won.

Just another example of what sore losers and Dirty Rotten Bastards, Republicans are.



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