Joe Biden Calls Mitch McConnell a MAN OF HONOR

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Joe Biden Calls Mitch McConnell a “man of your word & “man of honor”, omitting how he BLOCKED President Obama’s Supreme Court pick and pledged to make Obama a “One Term President” his top priority


Why is Joe Biden Publicly Calling Mitch McConnell a RATIONAL REPUBLICAN??

Jesse talks about how yesterday Joe Biden told a gaggle of reporters on the White House lawn that Mitch McConnell was a rational Republican. This declaration by Biden flies in the face of the facts. McConnel is a radical obstructionist under whose leadership we have suffered. Not to mention our 6-3 Supreme Court, which he engineered.


Mitch McConnell is NOT a man of honor. Second to Trump, he’s done more to divide & destroy this country than anyone in history.


Joe Biden Says Republicans are “Not Our Enemy” as they try to destroy our Democracy. Comments like these are why Joe Biden was my LAST choice as the Democrat’s Presidential candidate

Joe Biden is a nice old man and comes from a bygone era of decency and civility. But being good and decent is no match for today’s Republicans and Trump who has no decency and who will do / say anything to win. I wish House Representative from Ohio Tim Ryan had been the Democrats presidential candidate and was President instead of Biden.


Democratic Voters Share Concerns About A Second Biden Run” on YouTube


McConnell told Republicans to obstruct from the start

Vice President Joe Biden stated on the record stating that Republican Senators warned him that Sen. Mitch McConnell had ordered the GOP to oppose whatever President Obama proposed



Mitch McConnell: Bought and paid for by Special Interest Lobbyists


We have James Clyburn to “thank” for Biden being President. Biden was losing and was on his last leg before Clyburn endorsed him. After Clyburn made his endorsement for Biden, all other democrat candidates dropped out to unit behind Biden to stop Bernie Sanders.  Trump, Biden and Sanders shouldn’t have ran because they’re TOO OLD. They’re generation is responsible for the mess we’re living in. All government personnel should be required to retire at 65.


Biden is too old, boring, a wimp and Democrats worst choice because he’s the easiest for the Right to demonize as being “Sleepy Joe”, having “Dementia” and being “unfit” due to how he looks and acts.


Tim Ryan was my pick for the Democrat’s Presidential Candidate. Unfortunately, he received little notice. As you can see from the above speech (and others on youtube), Ryan could have DESTROYED Trump and Republicans.


This old cartoon reminds me of how Republicans has been bulling Democrats for years. Democrats need more “Tim Ryan’s” who will kick some ass!




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