Herschel Walker: Violence, Lies and Dumb Ass Moron

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Videos shows Herschel Walker’s Lies, Violence and Dumb Ass Moronic behavior demonstrating how he’s unfit to be a DOG CATCHER let alone a U.S. Senator


Is Herschel Walker a Dangerous Psychopath?



Texas woman told police Herschel Walker threatened and stalked her

Newly revealed claim raises troubling questions about Herschel Walker, the football great who’s now running for US Senate. Drew Griffin reports.


Rachel Maddow looks at the dubious qualifications of former football player Herschel Walker, a Republican candidate for Senate endorsed by both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, who apparently had good reason to avoid interviews.


Herschel Walker Is Now Lying About Lying To Voters

Former NFL star Herschel Walker is officially the Republican senate candidate in Georgia for this year’s midterms, but his past lies are starting to catch up to him. Walker is being brutally fact checked by the media about his numerous lies about graduating from the University of Georgia, and now that he’s been caught, he’s lying about ever having lied in the first place. But the claims are on tape, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains why Walker insists on lying in spite of the evidence showing that he’s lying.


Texas Paul calls Herschel Walker a “Stupid Son of a Bitch” who lied about his education, beat his girlfriend, abused his wife, admitted playing Russian Roulette and is useless.



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