AT&T Funding One America News

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A Reuters investigation uncovered who is bankrolling far-right network, One America News.

One America News (OAN) is a wildly pro-Trump source of far-right conspiracy theories, pushing lies about COVID-19, the January 6 insurrection, transgender kids, and the 2020 election. And a bombshell investigation has just revealed that this white supremacist hate channel is almost entirely funded by AT&T.2

OAN is even more extreme than Fox News, and because OAN is carried on AT&T’s DIRECTV, its hate and lies are pumped directly into more than 30 million homes, increasing vaccine resistance in the midst of a deadly pandemic and fueling attacks on our fragile democracy.

The world’s largest communications company, AT&T. DIRECTV is the sole national cable provider offering OAN and even OAN admits it would “go out of business tomorrow” if it was taken off AT&T owned DIRECTV


Playing A Dangerous Game: AT&T Denies Funding OAN. Network Founder Says Otherwise.

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