GOP Outraged by Clinton Emails, Silent About Trump Destroying Documents

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Republicans prove their partisan hypocrites by being outraged over Clinton Emails but saying nothing about Trump removing, destroying documents and violating the Presidential Records Act. Just another example of what SCUM of the Earth Republican are.


Steele: I Don’t Want To Hear Another Word About Clinton’s Emails After Trump Doc Eating Allegation

Donald Trump has been accused of eating torn up documents in the Oval Office according to a former White House aide, in addition to allegations that the former president tried to flush official documents down the toilet (which Trump denies), plus even more severe breaches of legal protocols. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.


Despite repeated attacks on Hillary Clinton emails in 2016, Former President Trump’s White House record-keeping is in the spotlight after accusations of destroying documents.


Trump Used ‘Burn Bags’ To Destroy Docs, Took Records To Mar-a-Lago


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