Republicans Love Insane, Disguising & Lawless Conduct

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Republicans have proven they support insane, disguising and lawless Conduct. The above video shows an unhinged Donald Trump faking an orgasm between Lisa Page & Peter Strzok at a rally in Minnesota while the crowd cheered.


While most of us have been disgusted by the actions of Republicans like Lauren Boebert – who insists on doing interviews in front of a wall of guns – the people who put her in office are absolutely loving it. They believe that this shows that she is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and that resonates all-too-well with the people who will continue to vote for her in the future.


Today’s Republicans have no principles or policies. The more insane & disruptive GOP politicians behave, the more they are liked & supported by GOP voters.


The GOP has been encouraging ‘loony’ views for years


Why Matt Gaetz Is A Product Of The Modern Republican Party

The reason we are where we are today is because the old school Republicans didn’t stand up to the crazies. They embraced them, however uneasily. And now the crazies are ascendant,” says Mehdi Hasan. “And John Boehner wants to be celebrated for calling them crazy.” Aired on 04/02/2021.


Republicans Attack Cancel Culture Because They Can’t Talk About Issues

The Republican Party has been on a tear recently, talking about everything that actually doesn’t matter. Whether it is the gender of a potato doll, or Dr. Seuss books, Republicans are willing to talk at length about anything… as long as it doesn’t have a real impact on Americans. This is the problem with the Republican Party, and it shows that their culture war nonsense is evolving. But it does real harm to Americans, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


The radicalization of the GQP and their abandonment of their principles is destructive to the United States.


Republicans Will Keep Getting Crazier Until They Face Consequences

An opinion piece in The Washington Post this week expounds upon a point made by John Boehner in his new book, and that is that the Republican Party is just going to continue getting “crazier” until they face some real consequences for their actions. This is absolutely true, but they have arguably already faced some consequences by losing the Presidency and the Senate in last year’s election.


While the majority of Americans were shocked and horrified by Trump inciting a riot causing violence, 5 deaths, insurrection and sedition, GOP Congressmen refused to Impeach & Remove him while 70%+ of Republican voters continue to support him, proving what lawless pieces of shit most Republicans are.


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