Benjamin Netanyahu: Lawless, Corrupt and Incompetent

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Right-Wingers like Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump are lawless, corrupt and incompetent demagogues who destabilized their governments. This leaves their countries open to attacks from their enemies, like what happened in Israel and the devastation that has followed in Gaza.


Netanyahu’s disastrous, populist regime is a dire warning for U.S. voters

The corruption and incompetence of the Israeli leader’s far-right government reveal what awaits America if Trump is returned to power.

Even before the blood had dried from one of the worst days in the country’s history, a professor at a top national university tried to make sense of what had gone wrong, less than a year after a right-wing populist backed by religious fundamentalists and facing criminal charges had been returned to power.


Netanyahu’s disastrous, populist regime is a dire warning for U.S. voters

The corruption and incompetence of the Israeli leader’s far-right government reveal what awaits America if Trump is returned to power.

These are the kind of words that I dread will be written here in the United States at some point after January 2025 if Donald Trump, the 45th president and overwhelming frontrunner for the GOP’s 2024 nomination, returns to the White House. But in this case, the writer, Yuval Noah Harari, a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was describing the disastrous, populist regime of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that citizens like Harari say left their homeland unprepared for Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack.

The widespread dissatisfaction and even rage in Israel toward Netanyahu hasn’t received nearly enough attention in American media, which has been more focused on the shocking visuals and the horror stories of war and the role of President Joe Biden in marshaling support for Israel after the Hamas attack. In the moment — with the petty, truculent Trump lashing out at his former close ally Netanyahu over something as small as a congratulatory post-2020 election call to Biden — it’s easy to forget what amazingly similar stories these two men tell. And what a dire warning those tales are — not just for Israel, but for the United States and the entire world.

Netanyahu, the 1967 Cheltenham High School grad who became Israel’s longest-serving prime minister over three stints, has been under constant criminal investigation since 2016, and returned to power last year, even as he continues to face trial on three separate indictments that accuse him of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. Just like Trump, now currently indicted on 91 felony counts in four separate state and federal cases, the Israeli leader’s legal strategy has been to delay, delay, delay. Just like Team Trump, Netanyahu and his allies claim the charges are merely their political enemies out to get them. As with Trump, there are serious concerns about Netanyahu using the levers of political power to ultimately quash the charges or blunt their impact.

No wonder both Trump and Netanyahu have placed such an emphasis on remaking the judiciary — for U.S. Republicans, that meant political power-plays to install new judges, including three on the U.S. Supreme Court, while for the Israeli prime minister, it has been legislation aimed at blocking the power of a more liberal highest court, which has brought tens of thousands of protesters out in the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

Seeking a return to office while under indictment has also meant, for both men, an embrace of the far-right that is heavily seasoned with religious fundamentalism — more so than earlier in their careers. After several years of partisan stalemate and divided government, Netanyahu’s successful push back to power meant an embrace of fringe figures like his national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, an extremist whom the Washington Post has described as “inextricably linked to the violent vigilante settler movement” and an anti-Arab provocateur.

A Trump restoration here in America would be little different. Indeed, his backers at the right-wing Heritage Foundation have been drafting a blueprint called Project 2025; its centerpiece is a plan to fire thousands of skilled civil servants from the federal government and replace them with fanatical followers of Trump’s MAGA movement. The pervasive cross-pollination of antidemocratic concepts between Team Trump and Team Netanyahu has grown stronger, an invasive weed of authoritarianism.


Netanyahu’s role in publicly pushing for the U.S. to invade Iraq post-9/11 has come under scrutiny amid Biden’s cautionary remarks to Israel to not repeat the same mistakes.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges, raising more uncertainty over who will ultimately lead a country mired in political chaos after two inconclusive elections this year. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced the decision in a statement on Thursday. The charges included bribery, breach of trust, and fraud.


Israel’s Attorney General has unveiled charges of bribery and breach of trust against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate corruption investigations, marking the first time in the country’s history that a sitting prime minister faces indictment in criminal investigations.


Netanyahu’s corruption charges explained


Israel passes law stripping Supreme Court of power

Benjamin Netanyahu’s push for judiciary reform was clearly designed to shield him from being prosecuted as a result of corruption investigations. This is how Right-Winger ROLL!


Just like American REPUBLICANS… Right-Wingers around the world are ALWAYS the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT




Israel: Passage of Netanyahu’s judicial coup law Ignites mass protests


Hundreds of thousands of Israelis protest judiciary reform


Military protests to Netanyahu power grab ‘hugely damaging to Israel’s security’

Israel’s military says there has been an increase in requests from reservists to abstain from service after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed through a law to restrict the power of Israel’s supreme court.


Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2002 and he is wrong about not negotiating with Iran now.

Goes to show how “Right-Wingers” all over the world are all the same. They are fear mongers and war mongers who have a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality.

It was poor judgement for Speaker Boehner to invite Netanyahu to speak when he has been wrong about so many things including Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Speaker Boehner was also wrong to invite Netanyahu to speak without the President’s approval. Imagine Republican’s outrage if a leader of another country would have been invited to speak to congress denouncing George W. Bush’s policies when he was president.



Netanyahu caught on tape in 2001: ‘Don’t worry about the Americans, we easily maneuver them’ – ‘This is how I deliberately sabotaged the Oslo Accords’ – ‘We plan to strike Palestinians several times, so hard the pain will be unbearable’  Click here for details…

I think Benjamin Netanyahu Sucks for being aligned with Republicans, being a lap-dog for Worst President in History Trump and blocking United States House Representatives Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib to visit Israel.


Why Netanyahu thinks America is stupid

Israeli sadism meets American cynicism in Palestine.

Per the above article; “Netanyahu thinks America is stupid. America is gullible, and in the rare case when its government plays hardball, Israel can deploy its influential lobby to whip it into submission”.

“America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” This is what he said in 2001, while assuring Israeli settlers that Israel could destroy the Palestinian Authority and continue with illegal settlement building, regardless of the US position.

In his view, America is gullible, and in the rare case when its government plays hardball, Israel can deploy its influential lobby to whip it into submission”.

“More disturbingly, Netanyahu’s views reflect a general “disdain” among Israelis for Americans, whom they reckon are “inherently dupable people”, according to a report in the Jewish American publication, The Forward.

Over the years, the US has provided Israel with close to $150bn in direct assistance only, and in return they are rewarded with insult, for Israelis basically think the Americans, who long showered them with money and weapons, are suckers”.



Israel To Block Visit By Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib After Trump Tweet


Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib aren’t a disgrace….







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