How Victims of Texas Anti-Abortion Law Can FIGHT BACK

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OPINION: Anyone who is sued for $10,000 as a result of the Texas Republicans Radical Anti-Abortion Law should contact every TV Network & National News Outlet, tell your story regrading the hardship being suffered and EXPOSE the person who sues to make an example out of them and Texas OPPRESSIVE Anti-Abortion law.

Private Detectives who find this law outrageous should donate their time to INVESTIGATE anyone who sues and REPORT any dirt they find on the person who sues. This would help FIGHT BACK against those who would VICTIMIZE a woman or anyone who tries to help her.

I’m not a lawyer but I know enough about the law to understand that the standard for filing a lawsuit has always been to have “standing” and be able to prove personal damages or injuries for a lawsuit to move forward. In relation to the Texas Anti-Abortion Law, the person who sues must have a direct interest in preventing a women from having an abortion and be able to prove they will somehow suffer injury. If not, they would lack legal standing. 

A stranger or someone who cannot prove personal damages as a result of a woman getting an abortion does not have legal standing, so a lawsuit under these conditions is unconstitutional and unenforceable. The person being sued should make that argument in court and demand the suit be thrown out.

The above strategies could help bring down this law.


Texas’s Taliban Sharia Anti-Women’s Rights Laws forces a women to carry and give birth to a rapist’s child and allows Anti-Abortion Vigilantes to sue anyone who assists a women seeking an abortion for $10,000.



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