My interest in Politics started because of George W. Bush and the 2000 election.

This page and website contains some shocking information which you won’t find anyplace else. I write about subjects others either aren’t aware of, or are afraid to write about.

Please share with your friends and family so they will learn what Republicans has done and are doing to American citizens.


I started this site in 2009 when I found out how Republicans rigged the 2000 election as detailed in the above video.

I was outraged when I found out that George W. Bush’s brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Kathleen Harris rigged the election by illegally purging thousands of black voters (some estimates say 90,000) allowing George W. Bush to steal the Election by only 537 votes.

I had no interest in politics and nothing against Republicans until I found out about this. I didn’t even know there was any difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Since starting this site in 2009, I have amassed an astounding collection of videos & info showing what Incompetent, Lawless, Corrupt, Un-Democratic, Hypocritical Bastards Republicans are on this site.

If they ever make the mistake of suing me over posts on this site, I’ll report their harassment to the Main Stream News Media, which in-turn will let the world know about this site and their misdeeds.


From the moment I first saw George W. Bush, I found him to be one of the most revolting, despicable, public figures I had ever seen. I found his air of arrogance, dumb-ass cowboy, redneck demeanor and the sound of his voice, revolting. I intuitively felt it would be disastrous if he were to become president… and I was right.


According to Wikipedia and other sources, the Jeb Bush administration illegally purged thousands of black voters resulting in George W. Bush “winning” by a mere 537 votes. Harris’s purge of voters in Florida illegally removed thousands of eligible voters. Harris, along with state division of elections director Clay Roberts, and Governor Jeb Bush used an inaccurate ineligible-voter list that eliminated a disproportionate number of eligible African Americans from Florida voter rolls. Katherine Harris was also co-chair of Bush’s Florida campaign, a clear conflict of interest.

As reported in numerous newspaper articles Jeb Bush promised to “Deliver Florida” to his brother.


I was outraged when I found out how the Supreme Court violated any pretense of impartiality by interfering in the 2000 election.

Antonin Scalia and his conservative Republican majority of 5 “justices” subverted democracy & engaged in partisan politics by stopping the 2000 election vote count and declaring BUSH the “winner”. The above video explains the shocking details.

This caused George W. Bush to be installed as President. At the time the votes were stopped by the Supreme Court, there were only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush.

With only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush, it’s easy to see how purging thousands of black voters off of the Florida voter rolls rigged the 2000 election and handed it to George W. Bush on a Silver Platter.


2000 Election GOP House Thugs “Brooks Brothers Riot” also helped stop the Florida Recount which might have declared Al Gore the winner.


In this clip from the 2015 CNN documentary Bush v Gore, John “Mac” Stipanovich admits Republicans were determined to stop the vote count to make sure George W. Bush was installed as President.

These are just a few examples of how Republicans only care about winning and to HELL with Democracy or the will of the American people.


Learning how Republicans rigged the 2000 election destroyed all I had ever been taught in school about how great our country is, how it stands for decency, democracy, law and order.

The Theft of an election and installation of an illegitimate president is the one of worst possible crimes which a government could commit against it’s citizens… yet that is what our government perpetrated against the citizens of the United States, and NOTHING has been done about it.

If all of the illegally disqualified voters had been allowed to vote and all votes counted, the total votes would have decisively shown Al Gore to be the winner of the State of Florida and therefore the Presidency.

If Gore had been president, we would have had a Liberal Supreme Court because Bush appointed 2 justices.

It was Jeb Bush’s illegal voter purge and Republicans who subverted Democracy by not allowing the votes to be counted that caused the installation of George W. Bush and the US to have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

Let’s not forget that Al Gore received 600,000 more votes than George W. Bush. Al Gore was the majority of American’s choice for president so Democracy was violated.



The above video exposes how Ohio Republicans flipped the votes in the 2004 election.


The above video shows how Ohio Election votes were flipped and how the man who oversaw the operation died mysteriously in a plane crash soon after giving a deposition. One of the attorneys involved in the referenced lawsuit has stated they are willing to testify and provide evidence to prove the above allegations.


The Rigged Elections Of George W. Bush Caused The Following Events;

  • Installation of George W. Bush, a illegitimate president who was not elected to office by the American people
  • False claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify the War against Iraq
  • Unprovoked, Unjustified War and Invasion of Iraq
  • Deaths of 4,475 US Troops
  • 32,331 US Troops wounded
  • Deaths of over 112,000 Iraqi Civilians
  • Debt of 10 Trillion dollars due to tax cuts and unpaid for wars
  • Appointment of Conservative Supreme Court Judges who destroyed the voting rights act of 1965
  • The creation of ISIS due to the invasion of Iraq, be-headings and people being burned alive
  • War Crimes: In the case of Hamdan vs Rumsfeld, it was proven that numerous war crimes have been committed by the Bush Administration in the war against Iraq, including the preemptive invasion itself. This does not include the unaccounted-for millions of dollars lost in Iraq or the unlawful management by the US State Department regarding the US Contractors operating in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Holding and torturing prisoners being held without due process at Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are also serious war crimes.
  • Outing of a CIA Agent: The outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson by the Bush Administration, admitted by the CIA as being a covert agent, has led directly to Dick Cheney and possibly directly to the President.
  • Spying on Americans: President Bush has admitted to his program of warrentless spying against millions of Americans in violation of the Forth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
  • Missing e-mails: Two federal statutes require presidential communications, including White House e-mails, to be preserved for the nation’s historical records. From 2001 to October 2003, the White House records system over-wrote all their e-mail files, and up to 2005, some e-mails still were not fully preserved. CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) and the National Security Archives allege that millions of e-mails are missing from White House servers. (It is interesting that the timing of these lost e-mails is when most of the major illegal Bush activities were occurring.)
  • Misuse of e-mail systems: Both the Republican National Committee e-mail system and the White House system were used within the White House to perform partisan political activities. As the White House is public property, it is against the law to do partisan political business while on public White House property.
  • Unlawful FBI Activities: The ACLU has released documents showing that the Bush Administration directed the FBI to expand the definition of “domestic terrorism” to include citizens engaged in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience. This is totally unconstitutional.
  • Firing of US Attorneys: This was a successful attempt by the President to use his US Attorney General and the US Justice Department for partisan political gains. VIDEO
  • Response to Hurricane Katrina: This was a demonstration of gross negligence by the Bush Administration. A major, obvious betrayal of public trust.
  • Scooter Libby: The President betrayed the public trust when he commuted the prison sentence of “Scooter” Libby.
  • Koch Industries was indicted by the DoJ in 2000 for knowingly dumping “at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled benzene in its liquid waste streams” at its Corpus Christi refinery, and for conspiring to cover it up in an attempt to deceive regulators.After George W. Bush took office in 2001, however, “his Attorney General John Ashcroft dropped 88 counts against Koch for the benzene spill and cover-up” in exchange for a guilty plea to falsifying documents and a $20 million fine (a settlement from $350 million in potential fines.)The Kochs made out pretty well in exchange for their $32,200 contribution to the 2000 Bush campaign. [Source: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8778]
  • And much more…

None of these things would have happened were it not for the Jeb Bush Administration actions which helped brother George W. Bush to be installed as president.

If we had a REAL Democracy, George W. Bush would NOT have been President because Gore received almost 600,000 more votes than Bush.




The George W. Bush administration ran up a debt of almost 10 trillion dollars.

George W. Bush is also responsible for the predominantly conservative Supreme Court by appointing conservative Justices Samuel Alito & John Roberts.

The predominantly conservative Supreme Court has been making partisan decisions including;

  • Destroying the Voting Rights Act – After the Supreme Court ruling, 22 states have passed Voter ID laws that make it more difficult to vote. Texas also rammed through their new gerrymandered districts that, prior to this decision, would have required a pre-clearance from the Department of Justice.
  • Citizens United allowing billionaires to buy elections
  • Hobby Lobby Decision which allows non coverage of birth control pills for companies owned by religious objectors.

If George W. Bush had not been president, these rulings would never happened.

The damage caused by George W. Bush will likely be felt for generations. This is why the 2000 election is so important.

My outrage for Republicans rigging and stealing the 2000 election has not diminished and has totally changed my opinion of Republicans.



Republicans has been screwing over the MAJORITY for a long time.

The MAJORITY voted for a Democrat in the 2000 & 2016 elections… yet LOSER Republicans who received the less votes were declared the “winner” by our UN-Democratic, SCREWED-UP Government. In a REAL democracy the person who gets the most votes is the winner.


This chart shows the United States ranks 25th as a “flawed democracy”.

The fault is 100% Republicans because they refuse to eliminate the Electoral College because it has installed two (2) Unpopular Republicans into office who the MAJORITY didn’t vote for… George W. Bush and Donald Trump.


Electoral College Should Be Abolished

The Electoral College has allowed two unpopular Republican candidates who received less popular votes in 2 elections since 2000 to become President; George W. Bush who lost the popular vote by almost 600,000 votes in the 2000 election and Donald Trump who lost the popular vote by 2.9 million in 2016. Neither of these incompetent people should have been president. More people voted against them than for them.



The roots of America’s Democracy Problem


The Senate Is An Un-fixable Crime Against Democracy

The Founding Fathers never designed the Senate to be a truly democratic institution.


How Mitch McConnell has destroyed the Senate

It’s an outrage that Mitch McConnell is the “Majority Leader” when in fact, he represents the “Minority” of Americans in this country. It’s an outrage how much control he has over everything and how he can legally block what the Majority of Americans want.

This is another example of what a screwed-up mess our government is and how the United States Government Sucks… yet you never hear politicians, the press or anyone talk about it.

If I were a politician, I’d be very vocal about calling out problems with our government and say every opportunity that our Government Sucks… because you must expose and call out problems, to make change happen.


The above chart shows some of the legislation Democrats has passed in the House since taking over in 2018. Mitch McConnell has blocked every single one of these.

So when Trump says “Do Nothing Democrats”, it’s another LIE added to the over 12,000 he’s told since being installed as President by the Electoral College (and help from the Russians). Republicans are the ones who ALWAYS do nothing except help the RICH.



Antonin Scalia’s seat SHOULD have been filed by President Obama, who had the support of the MAJORITY of Americans. The fact the Republicans were legally allowed to keep this seat open for almost a year until a Republican (Trump) became president is an OUTRAGE and more proof of how screwed up, lawless and unjust the US Government is.


The 2000 and 2016 elections caused the United States Supreme Court to be predominately Conservative (5 to 4) even though the MAJORITY of Americans voted for Democratic Presidents.

The rigged 2000 election allowed Bush to install two Conservative Supreme Court Justices. Those appointments should have been made by Al Gore who would have appointed two Liberal Justices.

Republican Bush’s two appointments and Trump’s equals a total of THREE Justices which should have been Liberal instead of Conservative. Three Liberal Justices would have given the Supreme Court a overwhelming Liberal Majority.

More people voted for Democrat Gore & Clinton so the “Will of the People” has been violated by the appointment of Conservative Justices, a fact you never hear discussed.


Brett Kavanaugh is CLEARLY unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice. The Majority was against his appointment but was crammed down the Majority’s throats.

Justices should be required to be non-political and not affiliated with any political party. Until politics is removed, the Supreme Court will remain a ILLEGITIMATE “Kangaroo Court”. If you agree, please LIKE & SHARE this page.



I’m fed up with Republicans rigging elections by Gerrymandering & Voter Obstruction as detailed in these videos.

Through Gerrymandering, Republicans has made it almost impossible to be removed from office in some districts. Since they feel safe from being removed from office, they have no motivation to compromise. They are pursuing radical right wing agendas such as refusing to pass legislation banning assault weapons, cutting assistance to the poor, cutting planned parenthood funding and passing anti-aborting “War on Women” legislation when the majority of Americans do not support these actions.


Republicans are destroying democracy by Gerrymandering districts. As you can see from the graph above, a disproportionate number of Republicans were “elected” in relation to votes cast.

This is something you would expect in a Banana Dictator Republic, not the United States of America.




To this very day, Republicans continue to pass laws which make it difficult for Minorities, Young People, the Elderly and Women to Vote.

The above video exposes how a Judge who has been voting for 49 years couldn’t vote in her own courthouse where everyone knew her because of repressive Republican Voter ID Laws in Texas.



Republicans don’t want people to vote who isn’t likely to vote for THEM… here’s proof

Paul Weyrich, “father” of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority and various other groups states in this video that he doesn’t want everyone to vote. He still gives weekly strategy sessions to Republicans.

Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer testified in a lawsuit filed against his former party that “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” wanted to suppress the black vote through Voter ID and tactics like current state Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge voter rolls.

Jim Greer, stated “I sat in on many meetings where it was discussed how to make sure what happened in 2008, when Obama brought out the college-aged voters, the minority voters, never happened again”.


I found Barack Obama to be one of the best candidates I had seen in my lifetime for president. I was inspired by his speech at the Democratic convention in 2004. When he ran for president in 2008, I was inspired by his kindness and wanting to help working class people.

President Obama was the first President I can remember who stood up for average Joe Americans so I supported him 110 percent. I think he is one of the very few people who ran for president to actually help the American people. It seems that most ran to satisfy their own egos. Obama is the only president I have ever supported or defended.


On January 20, 2009, the day of President Obama’s Inauguration, Republican Leaders in Congress plotted to obstruct everything President Obama proposed to make his presidency a failure, with no regard to how it would negatively affect the American people.

During a four hour, “invitation only” meeting, GOP members plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy Obama’s Presidency before it even started by among other things, to “Just Say No” to everything Obama proposed. In doing so GOP members disrespected the overwhelming majority of Americans who voted for Obama.

This video exposes how Republicans filibustered and blocked Obama on EVERYTHING



This video show how ROTTEN Republicans treated Obama



I’m fed up with Republicans exploding the debt by giving 2 Trillion in tax breaks to the RICH, spending TRILLIONS on the military and unnecessary wars, then claiming they need to cut “entitlements” such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

I’m all for less Government and less spending, but Republican’s claim of being for less Government and less spending is a LIE.

As shown in these graphs, Republicans have been responsible for the national debt and deficits.






President Bush exploded the debt. We had a budget surplus under President Clinton, and as you can see from these charts, Bush turned that surplus into a 10 trillion dollar debt.

I can’t understand why Tea Partiers who claim to be for less government and spending would support Republicans when Republicans has been responsible for reckless spending.



Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

The Pentagon has buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget, according to interviews and confidential memos obtained by The Washington Post.


As shown in the above graph, the United States spends more on the military than Russia, China, the UK and 11 more countries COMBINED. Our troops are all over the world and that is wrong. We should bring our troops home and mind our own business.


Eisenhower’s Warning: Military Industrial Complex’s Growing Budget

United States military spending has ballooned since World War II, although Americans have historically been reluctant to go to war.


Our military should be used for the DEFENSE of this country only and unless we are attacked, all troops should be brought home… no more using our troops to police the world.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address stated why the United States should pursue a policy of isolationism:

“The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves, by artificial ties, in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.”.

Unnecessary wars and trillions wasted on the military is why we’re trillions in debt and have crumbling infrastructure.



Republicans has no problem spending trillions of dollars on the military and wars, but they want to cut programs like food stamps, medicare, social security, etc which benefits regular Americans and the poor.

Most Republicans claim to be “Good Christians” and constantly site the bible to rationalize their every day actions, but are in fact Hypocrites by doing everything possible to take away assistance to the poor.

Matthew 25:40 says “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”.

Matthew 25:31-46 says “For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’’

Cutting assistance to the poor is in direct opposition to Christ’s teachings.


Providing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be the TOP priority of the US Government and all Congressmen. If you agree, please LIKE & SHARE this page.



Republicans say they are for less government but when it comes to Women’s Rights, they want the government to tell them what they can do with their own bodies. They have passed laws against women’s rights and want to completely make abortions illegal even in cases of incest or rape.



Trump admin argues transgender workers aren’t protected by civil rights law in new Supreme Court filing



6 Trump Associates have either Pleaded Guilty or been found Guilty of various Crimes


Here’s a list of things Putin and Russia has gotten as a result of helping Trump to become President.

Source: themoscowproject.org/reports/putins-payout-10-ways-trump-has-supported-putins-foreign-policy-agenda

Putin’s Goal: Weaken and divide the transatlantic alliance.
Putin’s Payout:Trump undermines US relationships with European allies and calls the US’s commitment to NATO into question.

Putin’s Goal: Degrade the European Union and foster pro-Russian political movements.
Putin’s Payout:Trump attacks the EU and actively supports anti-EU, Kremlin-backed parties.

Putin’s Goal: Disrupt American leadership and dominance of the global economic order.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is eagerly pushing for an all-out trade war with Europe

Putin’s Goal: Build global resentment and distrust towards the US and stoke anti-American sentiment.
Putin’s Payout: America’s closest allies are explicitly suspicious and distrusting of the US because of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

Putin’s Goal: Relieve economic and domestic political pressure from US sanctions on Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump tries to roll back, impede, and blunt the impact of sanctions at every step.

Putin’s Goal: Legitimize his regime in the eyes of the world.
Putin’s Payout: Trump repeatedly praises and defends Putin, lending the credibility of the US presidency to Putin’s standing.

Putin’s Goal: Revive Russia’s status as a great power and gain international recognition for its illegal seizure of Crimea.
Putin’s Payout:Trump publicly says that Crimea is part of Russia and calls for Russia to be welcomed back into the international community with no concessions.

Putin’s Goal: Continue to sow discord in Western democracies and avoid repercussions for interfering in American and European elections.
Putin’s Payout: Trump dismisses Russian interference and has done nothing to prevent future interference, putting him at odds with his own intelligence community.

Putin’s Goal: Soften America’s adversarial stance toward Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is shifting the Republican Party’s generations-long hawkish views on Russia.

Putin’s Goal: Destabilize the US from within.
Putin’s Payout: Trump attacks US institutions while driving divisive politics and eroding democratic norms.

Putin’s goal: Advance the Kremlin’s narrative to shape global perceptions.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly, and inexplicably, parroted Kremlin talking points across a range of global issues.

Putin’s goal: Undermine international norms and democratic values abroad.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly failed to respond to human rights violations or support democracy abroad, creating a more permissive environment for autocrats to crack down.

PLUS much more…



Woman at a meeting says she supports Trump being a DICTATOR while the crowd cheers.


Neuroscientist Reveals Why Trump Supporters Fall For His Lies


This chilling video was produced during the 2016 Presidential Election by Republican Presidential candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich. It exposes Trump as one of the Greatest Threats our country has ever faced.

After all of the benefits Russia / Putin has received, I fear they will do everything possible to keep Trump & Republicans in power, by RIGGING the 2020 Election, hacking state voting systems and flipping votes.

As we have already seen, Republicans will do ANYTHING to maintain & keep power… including Gerrymandering, Voter Purges and Voter Obstruction. They have parroted Putin’s talking points.  They defended Trump’s LAWLESS conduct which caused him to be impeached by House Democrats.

Not one Republican had the decency, patriotism or courage to vote in favor of Impeaching Trump.

Since Republicans have proven they will lie & deny facts, do what ever it takes to protect Trump, do anything to attain & keep power, IMO they’ve proven their capable of rigging the 2020 Election, with Russia / Putin’s help if needed so Trump is Re-elected, keep the Senate and take the House of Representatives back. If they can accomplish that, what’s to stop them from making Trump a Dictator when the Justice Department is already under the control of the most Lawless Attorney General in History.




Republicans are REFUSING to hold Trump accountable for ANY of his LAWLESS, TREASONOUS, OUTRAGEOUS and UN-PRESIDENTIAL behavior.


As shown above, Republican administrations are the most Lawless and Corrupt



Lots of examples shown in this video of what hypocrites program hosts at Fox are


Ex-Fox News Reporter Shreds and Exposes The ‘Partisan Misinformation’ At His Old Network


Former Fox News analyst says Fox has become ‘destructive propaganda machine’

Nixon henchman Roger Ailes built Fox News into the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Ailes amassed enormous power in the Republican Party and the country by pioneering a new form of political campaign, one in which Fox functions as a “giant soundstage created to mimic the look of a news operation,” disguising GOP talking points as journalism.

It’s important to note that Fox does have legitimate Journalists such as Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, who recently resigned within days of Attorney General Barr meeting with head honcho, Rupert Murdoch.  Click here to view more about Fox


Republicans are clearly for the rich and don’t give a damn about the middle class or the poor. Republican Mitt Romney said it himself, “I’m not concerned about the poor”.

I can’t understand why anyone who makes less than $30,000 a year would even consider voting for a Republican since they are for giving tax breaks to the Rich, support shipping jobs overseas and outsourcing, eliminating a minimum wage, refusing to make corporations pay their fair share in taxes, passing anti-voting and anti-women’s choice legislation, want to take away Affordable Heath Care, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and other programs which benefit middle class Americans and the poor.

Proof of Republicans agenda on all of these issues can be found on this site.


If you have any Republican friends, try to make them understand they are being used & lied to by Republican Congressmen & the Fox Republican Propaganda Network.

When the Middle Class and Poor vote for Republicans, they are voting against their own best interests.

For their own good and the good of this country, please try to make your Republican friends understand that they need to STOP voting for Republicans.

Republicans are bought and paid for by the RICH and they don’t care about the Middle Class and even less for the Poor.

We need to take our country back. The only way that will happen is if Republican’s are voted out of office.

Legal Disclaimer: Owner of this site is not a professional writer. Everything written on this site is only opinions. Owner is exercising his 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech.

President Obama has been called lawless, a communist, terrorists, a “sub human mongrel” and every other derogatory name imaginable and nothing has been done to anyone who made those statements. If they can get away with calling him every name in the book, then I should be able to say anything I want about Republicans..


There is not one post on this site in which I advocate any type of violence.

The purpose of this site is to expose all the rotten things Republicans has done and is doing to the American people. The solution I advocate is to VOTE REPUBLICANS OUT.

The shooting which occurred in Washington, DC on 6/14/17 in which Republican congressmen were attacked by a gunman during baseball practice is reprehensible.

There are documented cases where Republican / Conservatives made threats to kill people which received national news attention and nothing was ever done about it. Details at republicanssuck.org/right-wingers-threatens-violence/