Videos Show: Trump is Going DOWN

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CNN Confirms Trump WILL be ARRESTED

Many ask when this man will face his comeuppance and how it will happen. With that in mind, a claim on CNN by someone who knows Trump well says he WILL be indicted



Trump facing prison time in Georgia after his supporters attacked officials there who didn’t do what Trump demanded in finding votes for him. This is yet another path for Trump to go to jail


Donald Trump’s Banker REPORTS HIM to the POLICE

Trump has what might be the very worst day of his entire life, because it became clear that the people who do his banking and other things have said that they won’t anymore, and that the work done is without accuracy, which puts Trump is a tougher position than ever


Trump Takes the BIGGEST Legal DEFEAT of his LIFE

Ivanka Trump without any hyperbole just lost harder than he ever has, and so have his offspring. This will compel him to speak on issues he wants to keep quiet on, and if he is less than truthful, he could face further issues.



Trump messed up, and we have new proof that he pinched things which were not meant to be seen by the public, or by people without formal roles. In doing so, Donald Trump was being treasonous and deeply irresponsible.



Trump is FREAKING OUT in Statement After Accounting Firm CUT HIM OFF & Questioned His Finances


No One Testifies Against Trump Better Than Trump


Trump Witness TESTIFIES AGAINST him to Send Him to PRISON

Trump organization controller jeff mcconney and senior vice president testified in the Donald Trump grand jury which could see him and his kids like Eric and Ivanka go to prison. This is a big deal, and a sign his taxes are under scrutiny


Trump Getting BANNED from SIX States

Trump has no loyalty to the nation, and there is a provision that is aimed at him and many of his allies which will bar them from office permanently in some major states that Trump needs to regain power. This is a major threat given how his people are acting


‘Like The Mob’: Trump In Trouble As Family Member Floats Ivanka Flipping

Citizen Donald Trump is speaking out about the criminal probe into his namesake organization, admitting the crime during a rally and downplaying the charges. Prosecutors are still pressuring Trump’s money man Allen Weisselberg to start talking. MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal to discuss the latest in the investigation.


Trump’s Long-Time Accounting Firm Dumps Him On Valentine’s Day

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney explains what it means that the Mazars accounting firm has disavowed the past ten years of financial evaluations of the Trump Organization in a filing in a letter filed in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against the Trump Organization.


Congress Says Trump may be SENTENCED to DEATH

Donald Trump is in major trouble according to a member of the house who suggested he did a capital offense. This underlines how serious this all is

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