Video Show’s Biden’s Gaffes & Why He Shouldn’t Run in 2024

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Video Show’s Biden Gaffes & Why He Shouldn’t Run in 2024.

Were it not for Trump being the WORST candidate in history, Biden likely would have lost in 2020. Yes, Biden has had some impressive accomplishments during his time as President, but ANY younger, more inspiring & motivating Democrat could have accomplished as much… perhaps more.


“Why President Biden shouldn’t run in 2024 | The Warning with Steve Schmidt”


Poll: 75% Of Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Run In 2024


Democratic Voters Share Concerns About A Second Biden Run

Democrats MUST convince Biden not to run again in 2024. We need a younger, more inspiring & motivating candidate


Even Mainstream Media Is Sick And Tired Of Biden’s Silence On Trump Crimes

New York Times columnist Charles Blow criticized the idea that President Joe Biden should refrain from attacking former President Donald Trump due to norms, calling it “insane”


71% of Americans don’t want Joe Biden to run for 2024 reelection: poll

The Harvard CAPS-Harris survey found 71% of Americans did not want to see President Joe Biden run in 2024, while just 29% said he should, The Hill reported.



Biden is uninspiring, non-motivating and put-you-to-sleep boring. While he’s indisputably a decent person, I felt Biden was Democrats worst choice for their Presidential candidate. He’s the easiest for the Right to demonize as being “Sleepy Joe”, having “Dementia” and being “unfit” due to how he looks and acts. Of course, Trump is way worse.

Human beings mental & physical capacities decrease with age so the maximum age to run for the 1st term of President of the United States should be 64, no older.

We’d be much better off if everyone in Government would retire at age 65. We need new, younger candidates with new ideas who will initiate real CHANGE.


Joe Biden Says Republicans are “Not Our Enemy” as they try to destroy our Democracy. Comments like these are why Joe Biden was my LAST choice as the Democrat’s Presidential candidate

Joe Biden is a nice old man and comes from a bygone era of decency and civility. But being good and decent is no match for today’s Republicans who has no decency and who will do / say anything to win. I wish House Representative from Ohio Tim Ryan had been the Democrats presidential candidate and was President instead of Biden.


McConnell told Republicans to obstruct from the start

Vice President Joe Biden stated that Republican Senators informed him about Sen. Mitch McConnell ordering the GOP to oppose whatever President Obama proposed. Biden should have NEVER forgotten and used every opportunity to exact revenge against McConnell and call him out for his treason against this American people. Wimpy democrats like Biden infuriates me.



Mitch McConnell: Bought and paid for by Special Interest Lobbyists


We have James Clyburn to “thank” for Biden being President. Biden was losing and was on his last leg before Clyburn endorsed him. After Clyburn made his endorsement for Biden, all other democrat candidates dropped out to unit behind Biden to stop Bernie Sanders. Trump, Biden and Sanders shouldn’t have ran because they’re TOO OLD. They’re generation is responsible for the mess we’re living in. All government personnel should be required to retire at 65.


Tim Ryan was my pick for the Democrat’s Presidential Candidate.


This old cartoon reminds me of how Republicans has been bulling Democrats for years. Democrats need more “Tim Ryan’s” who will kick some ass!




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