Petition to Recall and Remove Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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A petition to recall and remove Florida governor Ron DeSantis has received more than 64,000 signatures. The people of Florida are growing tired of the governor’s decision to ignore the pandemic and pretend like everything is fine as he travels the country with his donors.


Ron DeSantis Dismisses Climate Change In Florida As “Left Wing Stuff”

This is one on the many reasons why Republicans like DeSantis are IDIOTS, unfit to hold public office


Former GOP Congressman Speaks Out On DeSantis’ Rejection Of Mask Mandates

David Jolly, former GOP Congressman from Florida, is enraged several Republican governors are actively vetoing local jurisdiction that are enforcing mask mandates, even though their states are experiencing massive covid spikes


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Governor Ron DeSantis and former governor Rick Scott have made filing for unemployment in Florida impossible. They care more about showing low unemployment numbers than they do if Floridians have enough to eat. Aside from this sad fact DeSantis waited until the last minute to issue a stay at home order which without a doubt caused the Coronavirus to spread much faster than necessary.


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