Trump & Republicans: HYPOCRITES Over Chinese Balloon

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After President Biden ordered the Chinese surveillance balloon to be shot down off the coast of South Carolina, the Department of Defense made a shocking revelation that at least three Chinese spy balloons flew over the U.S. during Trump’s presidency. Trump hid this information from the public and never shot them down. This comes after a week of Republicans using the national security incident to try to score political points.

Trump & Republicans called Biden WEAK over Chinese Balloon, then it’s revealed Three (3) Chinese Balloons invaded United States airspace while TRUMP was president. Republicans are DIRTY ROTTEN PARTISAN HACK HYPOCRITES.


Trump has MELTDOWN after getting EXPOSED for China COVER-UP

Trump posted numerous deranged statements showing how cowardly and despicable he was after we exposed that there were at least three occasions during his administration when Chinese spy balloons entered the United States and Trump covered it up.


BOMBSHELL: Trump exposed in stunning government report


DUMB-ASS Republicans point guns in the sky on social media in response to balloon

DUMB-ASS MORON Republicans like Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio, Kari Lake and Rep. Paul Gosar on social media have posted pictures of themselves pointing guns at the sky or shooting guns as a response to the Chinese balloon flying over the U.S. Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts on the empty gesture.

BTW, Ohioans who voted for J.D. Vance are MORONS


Trump is a narcissistic psychopath who thinks the United States can only be great while he’s president when in fact he was the worst, most incompetent president in history. Trump hates Biden because Biden beat his ass during the 2020 the election and he’ll never get over it.


Renowned Psychologist : Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Per the above article: “Renowned Psychologist Dr. John Gartner, who specializes in borderline personality disorder, biopolar disorder, and depression stated; Trump has the most dangerous form of mental illness that you can find in a leader… Malignant Narcissism”.

“Gartner stated that Malignant narcissism is a combination of 4 traits, which includes narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder (the psychology of a criminal and someone who routinely lies) and sadism”.

“The sadist aspects of Trump’s apparent mental illness, according is Gartner, means that “he is driven and gets intense pleasure from harming, humiliating, and degrading other people.”

“He has actually gotten intense pleasure from [other people’s] pain. He is reveling in the chaos and the destruction he is causing,” Gartner explained. “The more he feels threatened by the Mueller investigation, the more he needs to experience the exaltation of feeling drunk with power, through his ability to harm and humiliate and degrade other people.”

“While Gartner stopped short of saying that Trump is the next incarnation of Hitler, he did emphasize the importance of looking back at history as a means to try and prevent the catastrophes of the past from happening yet again”.

In speaking of Trump, Gartner did not imply that Trump would follow in the path of Hitler, but he did underscore his belief that “these are the kind of people who really can commit genocide,” when comparing the two men”.


Psychiatrist: Donald Trump Is Delusional Even Out Of Office

Dr. Lance Dodes, retired Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Donald Trump reportedly making false claims that he will be “reinstated” as president by August and why “lack of power is the thing Trump can’t stand and doesn’t acknowledge.”



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