DeSantis’ National Polls Continue to Fall

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Since he announced his campaign for the presidency, DeSantis’ National polls and favorability continue to fall. It seems the more voters see of DeSantis, the less they like him.


DeSantis flop due to ‘weird, alienating, hard-right campaign’

You are not going to get there by trying to convince the biggest dorks on the internet that you are even more of a callous psychopath than he is.”


DeSantis campaign COLLAPSES with DISASTROUS news


DeSantis On The Verge Of Dropping Out As Campaign Enters ‘Hospice’ Mode”


DeSantis Group BUSTED Paying Supporters To Make Him Look Popular

Florida governor DeSantis was blasted by Republicans in Iowa after it was revealed that a Super PAC aligned with his campaign had been paying supporters to show up at events. Specifically, the PAC paid people to show up at a recent parade to show support for the presidential candidate. But that’s not the only thing that the PAC is accused of, and some of their alleged activities might actually be illegal, as Farron Cousins explains.


DeSantis attempt to echo the cruelty of Trumpism

“We could probably spend this entire hour just listing the BS culture war fights DeSantis has picked in order to convince his supporters that he’s hurting the right people. That’s what it’s about. It is the purest form of Trumpism,” says Chris Hayes.



DeSantis talks about TRUTH? WHAT A JOKE!


DeSantis DISASTROUS Presidential Launch


Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Campaign Launch was DISASTROUS with screeching audio feedback and technical difficulties in a Twitter Space with Elon Musk. Couldn’t have happened to two more DESERVING ASSHOLES!




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