Miami School Forces Vaccinated Students To Stay Home For 30 Days

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Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, is forcing vaccinated students to stay home for 30 days after getting the shot to avoid “vaccine shredding,” a false claim that has been completely debunked by the CDC. Brandy Zadrozny reports.

Only Republican management / leadership would be stupid enough to have such a ridiculous, anti-science rule

Another example of what dumb-ass Anti-science / Anti-Vaxx idiots Republicans are and how they are bringing our entire country down



Republicans Are Stupid (but they don’t know it)


Video shows a screaming Right-Wing redneck Preacher who threatens Church Members who wear masks acting like a LUNATIC, a dumb-ass REDNECK and an asshole who has severe anger & aggression issues. Acts like he wants to beat the shit out someone. Just another example of what LUNATICS Right-Wingers are



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