CPAC Convention Spreads Lies, Praise Trump & Promotes Fascism

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There’s nothing “CONSERVATIVE” or decent about today’s CPAC. It has become a convention to worship TRUMP, spread LIES, broadcast Republican’s GRIEVANCES and their LAWLESS, TREASONOUS, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC and FASCIST agendas.



CPAC Speakers shower Trump with praise


Trump Still Thinks He Won & Other Crazy CPAC Moments


Republican Rep Calls Trump A Loser After Hearing CPAC Speech


Trump Golden Calf Statue WORSHIPED at CPAC 2021 by Supporters

A gold statue of a cartoonish Donald Trump, wearing a stars and stripes bathing suit and flip flops, was rolled into CPAC, the high profile conservative convention. Unlike the balloons depicting Trump as a crying baby in a diaper seen in London and elsewhere, this statue is meant to be a tribute to Trump, who is scheduled to speak at the conference.


CPAC attendees will have the opportunity to live out their wildest heathen fantasies this weekend, as the conference is set to feature an actual golden statue of Donald Trump. These individuals completely lack self awareness and they have become caricatures of themselves with this latest stunt.


That CPAC ‘golden calf’ Trump statue was made in China, the artist says

This is pure Twitter gold. The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, kicked off in Orlando, Fla., last week with someone wheeling in a golden statue of Donald Trump. And the inevitable comparisons to the Old Testament story of the Israelites worshiping a false idol in the form of a golden calf spread across social media…

‘Worshipping the golden jackass’: CPAC mocked for displaying giant gold Trump statue



CPAC Speakers proved how lawless and disgusting they are by praising the most lawless and worst president in history Trump and echoing his 2020 “Stolen Election” lies.




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