Trump’s Postmaster Louis DeJoy Under FBI Investigation

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DeJoy Under FBI Investigation For Claim He Once Called ‘Outrageous’

Last summer, Louis DeJoy testified under oath that he was fully aware of how legal campaign contributions work. Now, the Washington Post reports the FBI is investigating the Postmaster General in connection with his past political fundraising.


Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is reported to be the target of an FBI investigation to determine whether he used financial incentives to get his employees to make donations to certain political candidates. If true, DeJoy could be looking at a fairly decent stay in a federal penitentiary, which might finally get the postal board moving on removing DeJoy as Postmaster General.







Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service: Remove Louis DeJoy

I am a tax paying American Citizen. Louis DeJoy is taking actions that are disrupting the mission of the United States Postal Service, which is to deliver US mail to the citizens of the US in a timely fashion. DeJoy has no experience or expertise that pertains to the USPS.

Over 985,700 has signed to above petition demanding Louis DeJoy be FIRED


And Trump Promised to Hire “The Best People“!


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