Illegitimate Kavanaugh Supreme Court Votes to KEEP Kids in Prison

The Supreme Court has altered the rules they follow, so that young people convicted of a homicide can be sentenced to spend the rest of their life in prison. Thanks to Illegitimate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the court’s illegitimate majority, unwilling to hold themselves accountable for their own court’s repeated decisions over the past decade, states and lower courts may now unnecessarily impart a lifetime of punishment for the awful, yet transient, acts of a group of teenagers across the country.


Rachel Maddow points out the bitter contradiction in the Supreme Court choosing Brett Kavanaugh as the one to write a majority opinion that shatters the precedent of a judge considering whether a teenager’s crimes should be held against them for the entire rest of their life.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writing for the trio of more liberal justices remaining on the court, minced no words in her dissent. In it, she assessed that Kavanaugh and the four more conservative justices who joined his opinion had “gutted” Kennedy’s ruling and others that came before it.

Unlike Kavanaugh, she closely followed the earlier precedent. She quoted Kennedy’s ruling in the 2016 case, Montgomery v. Louisiana, to show how far afield the current court was going: “Even if a court considers a child’s age before sentencing him or her to a lifetime in prison,” Kennedy had written, “that sentence still violates the Eighth Amendment for a child whose crime reflects unfortunate yet transient immaturity.”




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