Twitter Poll Tells Elon Musk to Step Down and GET LOST

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Users Tells Elon Musk they hate his guts in a poll with 57% telling him he should step down and GET LOST. I’m one of the 57% who voted him OUT!


The fact that Musk posted this poll shows how stupid and out of touch with reality he is. Musk probably thought the majority of Twitter users loved him, otherwise he wouldn’t have posted it.  That’s how it is with narcissistic psychopaths… they think everyone LOVES them (like Trump, for example). The cocky bastard found out that the majority hate his guts. Must be a crushing blow to his inflated ego.


Michael Rapaport says Elon Musk has a “Douche Bag Face” and a “Douche Bag Disposition”!



Elon Musk’s Chinese Twin – Yilong Ma



Musk’s poll about reinstating Trump was likely FAKE or RIGGED because MOST people hate Trump’s guts. Musk made it clear he wanted to put Trump back on Twitter before he bought it so he likely created a FAKE / RIGGED poll to help justify his unpopular plans to reinstate Trump. This unpopular decision is one of the many reasons Twitter users despises Musk.


Musk asked Twitter users if he should step down as CEO, the answer was a resounding yes

CNBC’s Steve Kovach joins ‘TechCheck’ to discuss a Twitter poll Elon Musk created asking users whether or not he should step down as CEO of Twitter, and the impact Musk’s Twitter activity has had on Tesla’s share prices.


Morning Joe: It’s In Elon Musk’s Best Interest to Leave Twitter

A clear majority of Twitter users who took part in a poll by Elon Musk voted for him to step down as head of the social media platform, a result he promised to follow through on. The Morning Joe panel discusses why it would be in Musk’s best interest from a business perspective if he did step down.


Elon Musk is conspicuously quiet after Twitter users vote for him to step down amid chaotic policy changes | CNN Business

Is Elon Musk resigning as “chief Twit” or not?




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