Trump BOOED and Heckled Outside Trump Tower

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Trump booed by a large crowd as he left Trump Tower, showing that he is not welcome there and few were supporting him as he faces lawsuits and possible criminal charges


Trump jeered in New York by protesters: ‘You lost, get over it!’


Trump gives deposition in lawsuit over alleged assault of protesters outside Trump Tower

Greeted with a mix of cheers and shouts, Former President Donald Trump left the Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan after testifying under oath on Monday as part of a civil lawsuit brought by protesters who allege they were assaulted by his security guards in New York in 2015.

Benjamin Dictor, a Labor lawyer who sought Trump’s videotaped testimony in the long-running dispute, spoke to reporters after the deposition wrapped up.

A group of protesters brought the lawsuit in 2015, alleging that Trump’s security guards attacked them while they were demonstrating outside Trump Tower in September of that year over the then-presidential candidate’s comments that Mexican immigrants were “criminals and rapists.”


Deposition Transcript Reveals Trump’s Fear of being hit by tomatoes

Rachel Maddow shares a bizarre transcript from a deposition taken from Donald Trump in a civil case in which protesters are suing him for rough treatment at the hands of security outside of Trump Tower, in which a lawyer explores Trump’s unusual preoccupation with the possibility of being injured or killed by a thrown piece of fruit.

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