DeSantis Culture Wars Deflect from His Incompetence

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A Miami Herald report suggests Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is engaging in Culture Wars to distract from his incompetence and inability to govern


Floridan calls talk show about polluted water which she claims DeSantis is doing nothing about because he’s more focused on culture wars than governing

Description from YouTube: “DeSantis is starting a culture war against trans people to distract Flordians from radioactive water. Maybe instead of the far right complaining about using pronouns, we could ask who let corporations turn Florida into the most polluted state in the country?”


Radioactive Leak Causes Florida Evacuations


Why Florida Gov Ron DeSantis will NEVER be President


Donors Are Disgusted By Ron DeSantis’ Personality

According to a new report, donors to Florida governor Ron DeSantis are still giving him the money that he needs, but they personally don’t like him at all. One described him as having the personality of a piece of paper, while others said that his “extreme arrogance” was too much to ignore. These views of DeSantis could seriously hurt him in a presidential bid, as Farron Cousins explains.


REPUBLICAN Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proves what an Asshole he is by Berating Students wearing masks. At an event at USF, Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis was caught on camera berating students for wearing masks on stage. The angered governor told the students that they didn’t have to wear them because they allegedly “do nothing” and then he accused them of engaging in “COVID theater.” The only one engaging in theater is the idiot governor who refuses to understand science, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

This type of behavior is a classic example of why DeSantis won’t be GOP’s presidential candidate and will NEVER be elected President of the United States.


Title from YouTube: “Ron DeSantis’ Corruption Scandal EXPOSED”

Description from YouTube: “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is at the center of a major corporate corruption scandal. DeSantis has signed off on $5.7 billion in tax write-offs and giveaways to corporation, while raising taxes on working people by $1 billion. In return, he’s banked about $30 million from Wall Street and other corporate donors”


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