Was NC State Rep. Tricia Cotham Paid to Switch Republican?

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North Carolina State Rep. Tricia Cotham running as a Pro-Abortion Rights Democrat, then switching to a Anti-Abortion Republican is highly suspicious & raises questions if she was PAID TO SWITCH? People who voted for Rep. Tricia Cotham got SCREWED & CHEATED and didn’t get what they voted for. What they got was a TURNCOAT TRAITOR who BETRAYED THEM! (that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it!)


Jul 31, 2023 UPDATE:  ‘Betrayal:’ North Carolina lawmaker who switched parties was courted by GOP before election

Tricia Cotham blew up North Carolina politics when she switched parties, handing the GOP-gerrymandered state legislature a veto-proof majority. But why did she make the flip? The New York Times dug into the story.


North Carolina Republicans override governor’s veto of 12-week abortion ban

IMO, Rep. Tricia Cotham SCREWED OVER millions of women in North Carolina and made their lives HELL by helping Dirty Rotten Anti-Democrat FASCIST, Religious Fanatic Republicans cram they’re Radical Right Wing Abortion Ban DOWN WOMEN’S THROATS!

BLOOD will be on her hands when women who needs medical treatment, can’t get it and DIE due to her helping Radical Anti-Science Republicans pass their Abortion Ban. (that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it!)


Anya Cook and Shanae Smith-Cunningham join Katie Phang to share their experiences of being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition during their pregnancies. Despite requiring medical attention, they were sent home without any help as their doctors feared Florida’s abortion law.


How a Texas woman almost died after being denied an abortion

Amanda Eid and Josh Zurawski share their terrifying experience after being denied an abortion due to Texas’ strict anti-abortion laws.


‘Gut-wrenching’: Woman forced to carry her dead fetus for 2 weeks due to anti-abortion laws


Louisiana doctors detail unintended consequences of state’s abortion ban

The above videos are just a sample of the type of BULLSHIT women are having to put up with due to DUMB-ASS, Anti-Science MORON Republican’s  Abortion Bans



North Carolina lawmaker Tricia Cotham switches to GOP, votes to ban abortion

“This is a woman who spoke movingly about her own abortion on the floor of the North Carolina statehouse in 2015 when she was arguing against abortion restrictions,” says Chris Hayes on State Rep. Tricia Cotham. “Yesterday, that same woman cast the deciding vote to approve a 12-week abortion ban.”


Democrats respond to lawmaker switching parties, giving GOP supermajority


Voters react after State Rep. Tricia Cotham announces she’s switching parties


FACT Checking 5 of NC Rep. Tricia Cotham’s claims about NC Dems and why she switched parties









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