Trump Corruptly Pardons Mike Flynn

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Just as Donald Trump corruptly commuted Roger Stone’s sentence, keeping Stone out of prison, Trump has now corruptly pardoned Mike Flynn after Flynn pleaded guilty – twice – to lying to the FBI about contacts with the Russians. What options does Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge presiding over Flynn’s criminal case, have at this point? Recall, Judge Sullivan REFUSED to grant Bill Barr’s corrupt motion to dismiss Flynn’s case. What’s next? Here are some possibilities.


Federal Judge Walton Discusses in Open Court How Judge Emmet Sullivan Might Challenge Flynn Pardon

DC Federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton is presiding over Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation regarding the Mueller Report. In that capacity, Judge Walton discussed in open court on Friday how his colleague on the DC Federal Court, Judge Emmet Sullivan, might challenge Donald Trump’s pardon of Mike Flynn.

Having appeared as a federal prosecutor before both Judge Walton and Judge Sullivan, I can attest to how these two jurists are entirely dedicated to the rule of law and the integrity of the criminal justice system and the federal judiciary. Moreover, it looks like they will have the courage to challenge potentially corruptly issued presidential pardons, whether or not there is precedent for such a challenge.


Trump Exits With Pardons Backfiring, As Cohen Details Danger Of New Witnesses

As Pres. Trump pardons many allies during his last days in office, his former attorney Michael Cohen explains how some pardons could backfire. Cohen also details his own new court filings — regarding both his own case and other inmates, whom Cohen says Trump has abandoned despite past pledges about criminal justice reform

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