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When QAnon Lies, People DIE

According to Media Matters, at least 40 people running for Congress in 2022 have publicly expressed some level of support for the QAnon movement. This is dangerous because when QAnon lies, people die. Right now, fueled, in part by QAnon adherents, a massive Covid-19 disinformation campaign is convincing Americans not to get vaccinated. They’re lying, again…and people are dying.


QAnon Fringe Seen At Gathering Waiting For JFK Jr. To Show Up

NBC News senior reporter covering disinformation, extremism, and the internet, talks with Rachel Maddow about a gathering in Dallas of a sect of the QAnon movement that expected JFK Jr. to not only not be dead but to show up at the same time and place his father was assassinated, and what it means that such a large number of people took part in this real world event.


Q Cultists Are Drinking Industrial Disinfectant As They Await JFK Jr ‘s Return

Followers of a Q cult in Dallas are still awaiting the arrival of JFK Jr., and while they wait they’ve decided to start drinking a “chemical cocktail” that contains a dangerous, bleach-like chemical called chlorine dioxide. It isn’t 100% clear why they are drinking this industrial disinfectant, though it is believed that they think it can either treat or prevent COVID-19.


QAnon: The conspiracy theory spreading fake news

Twitter has become the first social media outlet to announce a crackdown on the QAnon conspiracy theory, banning thousands of accounts and blocking web addresses linking to videos and websites spreading it.


QAnon! “A cabal of Satanic cannibalistic pedophiles run a global child sex trafficking ring” and “Democrats sacrifice children and drink their blood to extend their lives”.

Only REPUBLICANS are STUPID enough to believe that type of BS!


How One Woman Was Radicalized

Ayman Mohyeldin joins Morning Joe to discuss ‘American Radical,’ the new podcast that examines the radicalization of Rosanne Boyland who went from being apolitical to ardent QAnon believer and Trump supporter in less than a year.


QAnon has gotten so out of hand that even “Q” – the All Mighty leader – is disavowing some of the most fringe conspiracy theories being peddled by its loyal followers. Including the theory that John F. Kenney Jr. is actually alive and will reveal himself as Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate. At the end of the day, these people – no matter how far on the fringe they fall – are fellow Americans who have been manipulated by the system. They are motivated and they are voting. There will almost certainly be more QAnon supporters on the ballot in 2022.


Lin Wood LEAKED AUDIO of Michael Flynn Admitting QAnon is ‘TOTAL NONSENSE!’

Jesse talks about Lin Wood’s audio recently released to the Independent, which reportedly has Mike Flynn disavowing QAnon, admitting it’s phony & ‘total nonsense.’


Apparently Qanon believers / followers suffer from acute Apophenia



Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists

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