Manhattan DA Bragg SUES Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan

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FED UP with House Republican’s BULLSHIT… Manhattan DA Bragg SUES Dumb-Ass, Worst Judiciary Chair in History, Jim Jordan!


BREAKING: Jim Jordan slammed with surprise legal BOMBSHELL


Jim Jordan seeks to obstruct DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of defendant Donald Trump w/NYC clown show

In a new piece for the Bulwark, former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut writes: “Jim Jordan Takes His Clown Show on the Road.” Representative Jordan plans to take his dirty political circus to New York City to hold hearings in an attempt to chill New York District Attorney Alvin Brag in his prosecution of former president Donald Trump. Perhaps worst of all, Jordan reportedly will use crime victims as props in furtherance of his political stunt.


Manhattan District Attorney DESTROYS Jim Jordan with SURPRISE move


Liberals Laughing at Dumb-Ass RUBES!






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