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Manhattan DA Bragg SUES Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan

FED UP with House Republican’s BULLSHIT… Manhattan DA Bragg SUES Dumb-Ass, Worst Judiciary Chair in History, Jim Jordan!


BREAKING: Jim Jordan slammed with surprise legal BOMBSHELL


Jim Jordan seeks to obstruct DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of defendant Donald Trump w/NYC clown show

In a new piece for the Bulwark, former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut writes: “Jim Jordan Takes His Clown Show on the Road.” Representative Jordan plans to take his dirty political circus to New York City to hold hearings in an attempt to chill New York District Attorney Alvin Brag in his prosecution of former president Donald Trump. Perhaps worst of all, Jordan reportedly will use crime victims as props in furtherance of his political stunt.


Manhattan District Attorney DESTROYS Jim Jordan with SURPRISE move


Liberals Laughing at Dumb-Ass RUBES!






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Jim Jordan Sucks for Being a Partisan HACK

Jim Jordan Sucks for acting like a dumb-ass idiot who does nothing constructive. He’s one of the most worthless members of congress who’s always making ridiculous, stupid, confrontational comments and a partisan hack who’s unfit to be a freaking dog catcher.

Love the above video where Dr. Fauci and Maxine Waters tells this stupid, worthless POS off!




Jim Jordan left SPEECHLESS as top Democrat demolishes him with must-see takedown by Jamie Raskin


Trump Enabler Jim Jordan Fueled Trump’s Lies Leading To Riot



Rep. Jim Jordan called ‘Coward’ Over Alleged Abuse Cover-Up

Description from youtube: The brother of a wrestler who said he was sexual abused at Ohio State—while his then-coach, Jim Jordan, turned a blind eye—has harsh words for the Ohio Congressman. Aired on 2/13/2020.


Jake Tapper fact-checks Rep. Jim Jordan on Ukraine scandal

Description from youtube: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and CNN’s Jake Tapper get into a contentious exchange after the lawmaker makes accusations about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.


Rep. Jim Jordan says it doesn’t matter that Trump asked the White House Chief Counsel to fire Mueller, because he didn’t end up doing it. Meadows and Jordan then insisted asking someone to commit a crime isn’t a crime, if they didn’t follow through and do it.  That argument is total BULLSHIT because people are arrested and convicted all the time for “Conspiracy to commit a crime”, such as paying someone to kill someone

Meadows and Jordan prove they’re unfit to hold public office by their defense of Trumps lawless conduct.


Jim Jordan Sucks for being a Brown-Nose, Ass-Kissing Trump Sycophant & for refusing to hold him accountable for his lawless, outrageous & UN-presidential conduct.


John Aravosis on the Jim Jordan Scandal | Opinions | NowThis

Description from youtube: “Former students say a powerful House Republican knew they were being sexually abused by a team doctor and he ignored it (warning: graphic language)”.


Jim Jordan Is FURIOUS That Democrats Want To Stop Voter Suppression

Description from youtube: Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is absolutely livid that Democrats are trying to investigate voter suppression in states across the country, and he sent an angry letter to the House Oversight and Reform Committee to let them know it. Jordan says that the committee is overstepping their boundaries, when in reality they ARE in charge of making sure that states aren’t screwing around and suppressing votes.


Jim Jordan Says CNN Is Fake News Because They Do Research

Description from youtube: Embattled Republican congressman Jim Jordan is claiming that CNN is “fake news” because they have the audacity to actually conduct research when doing stories. Specifically, Jordan is freaked out because CNN is reaching out to former wrestlers and other students and staff members of OSU to find out if Jim Jordan actually DID know about the sexual assault taking place on his wrestling team. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


Loyal Trump Stooge Jim Jordan Implicated In MASSIVE Sexual Assault Coverup

Description from youtube: “Republican Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and one of Fox News’ favorite Republican Congressman, has been implicated in a massive sexual assault coverup that allegedly occurred during his time at Ohio State. Jordan allegedly helped cover up the assault that was taking place at the hands of a doctor to members of the wrestling team that Jordan coached”.


Republican Darling Jim Jordan Named In OSU Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Description from youtube: “The problems for Republican rising star Jim Jordan keep mounting, as he has now been named in a lawsuit filed by former athletes at Ohio State University who allege that Jordan knew and failed to act on the sexual assault that was taking place at the hands of the wrestling team doctor. Lawsuits like this are picking up steam all over the country as those who fail to act when they learn about sexual assault are being held liable for their inaction, and Jim Jordan will be lucky if his career can survive at this point”.



GOP Cowards

They know that Trump is unfit to lead. They know that he is morally repugnant. They know he is a threat to our democracy. Yet, the GOP remains silent, afraid of a late-night tweetstorm.



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