2020 Presidential Debate Was Worst in History Due to Trump

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Trump Bulldozes His Way Through First Debate

The Morning Joe panel recaps Tuesday’s first debate between the president and Joe Biden, saying the president brought shame to himself during his debate performance and he brought hope to racist groups. Aired on 9/30/2020.


Daniel Dale: ‘Almost every single thing Trump said during last segment of debate was inaccurate’.


Trump’s RNC Speech Had 1 False Statement Every 56 Seconds


Meacham: Trump Declared War On Decency, Democracy Last Night | Morning Joe

Historian Jon Meacham assesses Tuesday night’s debate, saying that Trump declared war on decency and democracy during the debate. Aired on 9/30/2020.


Trump Is Assassinating The Presidency

Washington Post journalist and author of the new book ‘Rage,’ Bob Woodward says Trump is assassinating the presidency. Aired on 9/30/2020.


Debate Was A ‘Performance Of Our National Catastrophe’—And Trump Is Solely To Blame


‘Dumpster fire’: See Jake Tapper and Dana Bash’s blunt reaction to debate


Steve Schmidt: Trump Gave A ‘Lock & Load Order’ To White Supremacist Groups During Debate

Trump telling the Proud Boys, a white supremacist organization, to ‘stand back and stand by,’ Steve Schmidt says “Donald Trump gave a lock and load order to heavily armed, paramilitary, white supremacist, militia organizations. The white supremacist organizations are reveling in the support of the president today. They’re celebrating.” Aired on 09/30/2020.


‘Appalling,’ ‘Dangerous’: Ex-Trump Officials React To Trump Debate Showing

Two former top Trump officials, Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann, are now spending the weeks before the election warning voters about the President. “I think the President showed the nation exactly who he is last night. I’m just glad he put it on display to see what I’ve been watching behind closed doors in briefings,” says Troye. Aired on 09/30/2020.


Mary Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren speak with Lawrence O’Donnell about 2020 debate


Trump’s Debate Lies DEBUNKED In Senate Hearing

All of Trump’s coronavirus failures have been laid to bare for all to see in the coronavirus Senate hearing.


Shepard Smith on last night’s debate: We’ve never seen this, not in America

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