Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Crazy Comments & Behavior Discussed


Title from YouTube: “Pro-Trump Lawyer Says South Carolina Will Lead A New Civil War”

Description from YouTube: “Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood appeared at a South Carolina Bikers For Trump event this past weekend where he applauded South Carolina’s role in the Civil War, and then warned that they may have to lead another one. This is dangerous rhetoric from a dangerous individual that desperately needs psychological help. Farron Cousins discusses this.”


Lin Wood, attorney who challenged Trump’s 2020 election loss, gives up law license

Lin Wood, who fought to overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, is avoiding any possibility of disbarment.

July 5, 2023 UPDATE – Per the above article: Lin Wood, attorney who challenged Trump’s 2020 election loss, gives up law license

“Attorney Lin Wood, who filed legal challenges seeking to overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, is relinquishing his law license, electing to retire from practicing rather than face possible disbarment. Multiple states have weighed disciplining him for pushing Trump’s continued false claims that he defeated Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, Wood asked officials in his home state of Georgia to “retire” his law license in light of “disciplinary proceedings pending against me.” In the request, made in a letter and posted on his Telegram account, Wood acknowledges that he is “prohibited from practicing law in this state and in any other state or jurisdiction and that I may not reapply for admission.”


The first time I ever saw Lin Wood was in this video. I found his conduct to be outrageous, claiming that that 2020 election was “stolen”. That is total BULLSHIT and I’m fed up with it.

What “crime” did Governor Brian Kemp commit that he should be “locked up“? Refusing to RIG the election for Trump?

After seeking this video, I think Lin Wood is a dangerous lunatic.


The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta discusses his profile of Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom who debunked claims of voter fraud in his state, and how that has drawn the ire of the former president.


Title from YouTube: “Deranged Trump Attorney Says He Found Trump Still Living In White House”

Description from YouTube: “Former Trump attorney Lin Wood posted a series of updates on his social media this past week where he claims that not only was he wandering around the White House looking for “Joey” Biden, but that he also happened to run into Donald Trump who, according to Wood, is still living and working in the White House. Wood is clearly not well, and this kind of behavior should earn him a one-way ticket to a psych ward. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this”.


On a twitter post dated May 12, 2021; “Lin Wood states that Trump is still the president”


Title from YouTube: “Ted Cruz Thinks Trump’s Crazy Lawyer Is Secretly A Democrat Double Agent”

Description from YouTube: “Trump attorney Lin Wood has drawn the ire of conservatives this week after he made outlandish and reprehensible comments about the what Trump should do to remain in power, and about how to take down the GOP. Ted Cruz was one of many Republicans who lashed out at Wood, calling him a clown and then pondering whether or not Wood was actually a Democrat who is apparently hellbent on destroying the Republican Party. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.”


Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Loses Race For South Carolina GOP Chair


Title from YouTube: “Disgraced Trump Lawyer Swears He Has Evidence That Mike Pence Is A Traitor In New Lawsuit”

Description from YouTube: “One of Donald Trump’s former lawyers – Lin Wood – is currently working as the attorney for a client suing MSNBC’s Joy Reid, but Wood can’t seem to keep his cases straight. In a filing this week, Wood claimed that he had evidence that both Mike Pence and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts were somehow traitors to the United States and that he would be providing the evidence soon. He’s made these claims before without ever producing evidence, but it is exceptionally odd that he would make this filing in a totally unrelated case. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening”.


Title from YouTube: “Disgraced Trump Election Lawyer Wants To Control South Carolina’s Republican Party”

Description from YouTube: “Lin Wood, one of the attorneys who worked on 2020 election challenges on behalf of Donald Trump, is considering a run for the position of Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party. This is truly the Party of failing upward, as Wood has been disgraced by his legal losses and is currently under investigation in the state of Georgia for potentially voting in the state illegally. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening”.


Title from YouTube: “Trump Attorney Calls For Martial Law To Stop Biden From Becoming President”

Description from YouTube: “One of Donald Trump’s attorneys, a man by the name of Lin Wood, proved that he should have his law license revoked this week when he said that Trump should just declare martial law and hold a new election to prevent Biden from becoming President. The irony of Wood’s idiotic claim is that Trump is actually LESS popular today than he was on election day, so there’s no evidence to suggest that Trump would win another election, ever. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening”.


Title from YouTube: “Trump Voter Fraud Lawyer Now Under Investigation For Possibly Voting Illegally”

Description from YouTube: “Lin Wood, one of Donald Trump’s most vocal lawyers from his election challenges, is now under investigation by the state of Georgia because they believe he may have voted in their state illegally. Wood announced last year that he had bought a house in South Carolina and had been living there since last April, meaning he wouldn’t have been an eligible voter in Georgia. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the irony of this situation”.


Title from YouTube: “Radical Trumpist Lawyer Lin Wood Reaches New Depths Of Insanity”


Title from YouTube: “Pro-Trump Lawyer Forced To Undergo Psych Evaluation To Keep Law License”

Description from YouTube: “A Trump attorney named Lin Wood claimed this week that he is facing disbarment if he doesn’t submit to a forced psychological evaluation. Given his actions on Trump’s behalf since the election, this seems like a fair request, but Wood might not be willing to do it. Farron Cousins explains why these kinds of evaluations are necessary and should be far more common”.


Description from YouTube: “Trump / StopTheSteal attorney Lin Wood urges Georgians not to vote for the Georgia GOP Senators Loeffler and Perdue in the upcoming Senate runoff elections”.



Treating Lin Wood’s Wild Conspiracy Theories As a Psychiatric Symptom Invites Him to Play Free Speech Martyr

The State Bar of Georgia is demanding that the pro-Trump lawyer undergo a mental health evaluation.

Lin Wood’s Ex-Law Partners Claim He Was Taped Admitting to Assaults, Asserting He May Be ‘Christ Coming Back for Second Time’

Attorney L. Lin Wood may believe himself to be a vessel of the second coming, and he’s not referring to another Donald Trump presidential term. That’s what Wood’s former law partners wrote in a legal brief quoting what they describe as recorded conversations proving that the lawyer gunning to overturn the 2020 election has a habit of associating himself with “God Almighty.”

IMO, this could be dynamite material & testimony someone could use if Wood were to sue them… just sayin’


ALL claims that the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen are FALSE

On Jan. 8, 2021 Ex-Communications Director Alyssa Farah admitted in the above video that Trump lied about the 2020 Election, proving all “Rigged Election” & “Voter Fraud” claims are BS. (She would make an excellent witness for Court Cases).




Trump was the WORST and one of the most HATED Presidents in History, with a historic low approval rating when he left office… further proving claims that he “Won” to be INSANE.


2020 Stolen Election Claims Debunked

New documents show Trump campaign knew stolen election claims were false


Memo Shows Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless

Republican strategist Michael Steel, former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire on new reporting in the New York Times that court filings show the Trump campaign knowingly let election lies spread.


The truth behind Trump’s false claims of election fraud

CNN’s Pamela Brown debunks former President Donald Trump’s false claims of mass election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.


Out of the 50+ bogus lawsuits filed by Trump and his attorneys, no CREDIBLE voter fraud was found which could have changed the outcome of the election. This was also verified by Attorney General William Barr, who was a Trump loyalist.


Trump’s Attorney General called Trump’s election claims ‘all bullshit!’


U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why the 2020 election was “most secure in American History”.


Federal Judge Excoriates Nine (9) of Trump Lawyers for False Claims about the 2020 Election, Refers Them For Disbarment – Aug 26, 2021


Sidney Powell admits her voter fraud claims were not credible


Fox News host Sean Hannity admitted under oath that he never believed Trump was cheated of victory in the 2020 presidential election.




Trump has a history of LYING and making insane conspiracy theory claims as he did about Ted Cruz’s father in the above video. When he’s beaten, he claims he was cheated as he did in the tweet below accusing Ted Cruz of “Stealing the Election”.


Everything Trump Loses Is ‘Rigged’

From the Mueller probe to mail-in voting, here are all the things Trump says are ‘rigged.’




Trump & Republicans are following in Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels footsteps by telling the BIG LIE that Trump won the 2020 election while “Accusing the other side of that which they are guilty”.

Today’s Republicans have proven to be full bore ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FASCIST, determined to SEIZE and maintain POWER by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


Trump’s ‘Unnervingly Plausible Path’ To Stealing The Election


Trump ‘Organized’ The Coup: Top Investigator Unloads On Trump’s Culpability

As GOP Senator Mike Lee faces heightened scrutiny for his role in pushing the MAGA plot to steal the 2020 presidential election, one Jan. 6 committee member alleges Trump “organized” the coup.


Hear the calls Trump made as he tried to steal the election

Former President Trump and his inner circle were using all the powers of the presidential office to wage a high-pressure campaign, CNN’s Drew Griffin reports — not to stop the steal but to start it.


Trump is so LAWLESS and CORRUPT that he tried to pressure the Department of Justice to declare the 2020 election was corrupted so he could stay in office AGAINST the will of the people.


Trump is so LAWLESS and CORRUPT that he pressured Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to “find more votes” to shift the count in his favor


Secret Plot Busted: New Clarence Thomas Scandal Over Wife’s Efforts To Override AZ Votes For Biden

Republican activist Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, pushed Republican lawmakers in Arizona to cancel their own state’s votes for Joe Biden, arguing officials should override votes for Biden and replace them with a “clean slate of Electors,” according to emails obtained by the Washington Post. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the bombshell news, explaining that “even before the violence of the insurrection, this was planned as a coup through voter fraud.”


MAGA Bust: Bombshell Text Evidence Ties Trump Allies to Coup Plot

Explosive new stats evidence in the January 6th committee probe was revealed. CNN obtaining more than 2,000 leaked text messages with Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows revealing communications before the riot and in the moments after it. From Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asking Trump to declare martial law to Donald Trump Jr. asking to “condemn” the riot to Sean Hannity taking orders from Meadows. Ari Melber reports on the new evidence and is joined by Former Solicitor General Neal Katyal who calls on Attorney General Garland to act immediately.


‘POTUS Participated’: Trump Busted By Evidence Tying Him To Coup Plot

New evidence reveals how Trump participated in directly demanding legislators help steal the 2020 election.


Trump Linked To Proud Boys As Explosive Texts Revealed In Coup Probe

New texts revealed in the investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection show militia leaders trying to connect with former Trump doctor and Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson. Meanwhile, Trump’s former lawyer is hiding more than 37,000 pages of Trump-related emails from the Jan. 6 committee, asserting attorney-client privilege.


New Texts Show GOP Lawmakers’ Desperate Attempt To Steal 2020 Election

Mark Meadows never met with the Jan. 6 committee. But the records he turned over paint a clear picture of the Republican effort to steal the 2020 election.


‘Good-Faith Basis’ To Conclude Trump Engaged In Federal Crimes

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, discusses findings by the January 6th committee, revealed in a court filing in a federal case about obtaining documents from Trumpworld lawyer John Eastman, in which it is revealed that the committee has concluded that Donald Trump obstructed an official proceeding and “engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the U.S.”


‘Illegality Of The Plan Was Obvious’: Judge Says Trump Likely Committed Crimes

Lawrence O’Donnell looks at the findings of a federal judge that Donald Trump likely “corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021” as the Jan. 6 Select Committee votes to approve criminal contempt referrals against Trump insiders Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro.




Renowned Psychologist : Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Per the above article: “Renowned Psychologist Dr. John Gartner, who specializes in borderline personality disorder, biopolar disorder, and depression stated; Trump has the most dangerous form of mental illness that you can find in a leader… Malignant Narcissism”.

“Gartner stated that Malignant narcissism is a combination of 4 traits, which includes narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder (the psychology of a criminal and someone who routinely lies) and sadism”.

“The sadist aspects of Trump’s apparent mental illness, according is Gartner, means that “he is driven and gets intense pleasure from harming, humiliating, and degrading other people.”

“He has actually gotten intense pleasure from [other people’s] pain. He is reveling in the chaos and the destruction he is causing,” Gartner explained. “The more he feels threatened by the Mueller investigation, the more he needs to experience the exaltation of feeling drunk with power, through his ability to harm and humiliate and degrade other people.”

“While Gartner stopped short of saying that Trump is the next incarnation of Hitler, he did emphasize the importance of looking back at history as a means to try and prevent the catastrophes of the past from happening yet again”.

In speaking of Trump, Gartner did not imply that Trump would follow in the path of Hitler, but he did underscore his belief that “these are the kind of people who really can commit genocide,” when comparing the two men.


According to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have at least five of the symptoms listed below;

  • Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others
  • Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
  • Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
  • Needing constant admiration from others
  • Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
  • Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
  • Unwilling to empathize with others’ feelings, wishes, or needs
  • Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them
  • Pompous and arrogant demeanor.


Psychiatrist Warns That Trump Has Become More ‘Psychotic’ As Trials Get Closer

Per the article referenced in the above video at;

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he is a lawless person — but his malign influence extends far beyond himself.

We are a society more divided than united. Many of us are anti-intellectual and don’t want to think. That makes such people attracted to strongmen and bullies like Trump. Trump has made his followers reject the truth for alternate facts – and that makes most of us insecure and uncertain about what to believe.

Trump’s “dangerous charisma” attracts already corrupt and ethically compromised people into his orbit. He also exerts a malignant perfidious influence over people who are vulnerable to such energy and temptations, but for whatever reason have not yet fully surrendered to them. This is a defining feature of dangerous leaders.

Dr. Frank continues to warn about Trump’s extremely dangerous mind and overall pattern of behavior and why as seen with the second E. Jean Carroll court case for defamation, and escalating threats of violence and retribution against his “enemies”, that the corrupt ex-president will not be stopped by “the walls closing in.” Instead, Dr. Frank predicts that Trump is a malignant narcissist who will go down in a blaze of glory before he ever surrenders or is otherwise made to yield in his assaults on society, human decency, and the rule of law.

From the time Trump was five years old, he hated rules and couldn’t control himself. If Trump didn’t like something, he would convert feelings into immediate action. He threw rocks at a toddler who lived next door when he was five. He punched out his second-grade teacher because he got mad at him. As a father, Trump knocked out his son, Don Jr., when he was in high school because he wasn’t dressed appropriately. Trump has always been like this. As people age, they generally do not change; they instead become more of their true selves. His capacity for self-restraint is becoming a thinner veneer over fundamental destructiveness. He is increasingly no longer able to fake it. This is why Trump is in court acting out, mumbling, being angry and disruptive.

In my opinion, Donald Trump is a “segmental thinker”. He lives in the moment and is attracted by a shiny object and forgets everything else.

The main thing that I am worried about is the complacency of the public and specifically the country’s leaders and law enforcement and other people in positions of authority and power who are still letting Trump run wild. Trump is extremely dangerous. Trump does not believe in laws and rules. He wants to be a lawless dictator. This is why I continue to share my conclusion, based on the evidence, that Donald Trump appears to be psychotic. He is a person who is detached from reality. Even with the trials and other pressures, Trump is not capable of breaking down, of being cowed and/or broken. If anything, Trump will go down in flames if he goes down at all. Trump is an extreme narcissist who will destroy anyone who has ever done anything to hurt him, to oppose him, or defy him.


Dr. John Gartner stated; “If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump. He is a paranoid, psychopathic, narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies.


This video shows how Trump has managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


The Majority was FED UP with Trump’s LIES, his Outrageous, Lawless, Disgusting, Insane, Hateful, Vindictive, Authoritarian, Wanna-be Dictator, Anti-Democratic, Fascist, UN-Presidential Behavior & Incompetence. Citizens Voted to remove him from Office and he got what he deserved.









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