Rand Paul Sucks

Sen. Rand Paul is the son of 3-times-defeated presidential candidate Ron Paul, was once accused of plagiarizing the Wikipedia page for an Uma Thurman movie in a speech, and is qualified to perform surgery on the human eye but can’t see the problem with Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars.’ So how did a former Never Trumper become the man threatening to publicize the name of the Ukraine whistleblower?


Rand Paul Threatens Republicans Who Don’t Fall In Line With Impeachment


Rand Paul Sucks for Harassing Whistle-blower

Trump and Rand Paul demanding that the identity of a Whistleblower be revealed proves they are LAWLESS by failing to respect Whistleblower Protection Laws

The Whistleblower is a Patriot who did his patriotic duty by reporting wrong-doing by the LYING, CORRUPT, LAWLESS CROOK in the White House.

If any harm comes to the Whistleblower as a result of Trump, Rand Paul or any other Republican, the Whistleblower should SUE them for everything they’ve got.


Rand Paul And Liz Cheney Publicly Fight Over Who Trump Loves More


Republican Senator Rand Paul – a man who once claimed that universal healthcare was akin to slavery – is heading to a country with universal healthcare to have his hernia surgically repaired. The hernia was made worse after Paul was attacked by his neighbor in late 2017, but the fact that he feels he can get better care in a country with socialized medicine speaks volumes to his hypocrisy


Rand Paul said that it doesn’t make much sense for Republicans to investigate other Republicans (when asked about the overwhelming corruption in the Trump Administration.)


Papantonio: Rand Paul Crazies Fracturing GOP


Rand Paul made insane accusations while filibustering by accusing the US Government of potentially targeting American citizens of drone strikes in their homes or American cafes.  Even fellow Republicans like John McCain admonished Paul’s comments.

There are currently more radical right wing militia groups that at any other time in history.  These are the type of nuts who believe the Government is the enemy and blew up the federal building in Oklahoma.

Rand Paul has proved to be irresponsible by making these type of FALSE accusations which could cause any of these radical right wing militia nuts to do something deadly.

This is more proof of how NUTS Republicans and the Tea Party are and why the GOP continues to be the “STUPID PARTY”.

April 17 2013: Rand Paul falsely accused President Obama of using Parents of Slain Newtown, CT Children as “Props”

Rand Paul said this;  “When I see the father and the mothers and them testifying — and I know they’re coming voluntarily, and they want to come and be part of this debate — but it still saddens me just to see them, and I think that in some cases the president has used them as props. And that disappoints me,”.

This is more Republican HATE against President Obama pure and simple.  It was totally inappropriate of Rand Paul to try and score political points at the expense of the Parents of children who lost their lives in Newtown, CT

On the same day, like most Republicans, Rand Paul voted against any type of background checks prior to gun purchases.  Like most Republicans Rand Paul’s solution to gun violence is to continue doing NOTHING.

It’s Republicans fault in the 1st place that so many of the children at Sandy Hook lost their lives due to their refusing to pass laws years ago outlawing guns which hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and for putting up roadblocks to gun ownership background checks legislation.


Rand Paul Supports Violating the First Amendment


11/6/13 Rand Paul Faces Charges of Plagiarism

In an interview on the ABC News program “This Week” on Sunday, Mr. Paul acknowledged he had been “sloppy” but also lashed out.

“I think I’m being unfairly targeted by a bunch of hacks and haters,”

Rand Paul is the one who is responsible for causing people to HATE him.  He is the one who started the hate by constantly making hateful comments about President Obama and therefore insulting the millions of people who voted for President Obama.

Want to tell Rand Paul what you think about his Plagiarism and hateful comments about President Obama… here’s his phone number: 202-224-4343