Democracy Hating, Religious Cult Right-Wingers are Nothing New

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New Democracy-Hating, Religious Cult Qanon Believing Right-Wingers are Nothing New


Description from YouTube: “Jesse talks about two Christian pastors who call democracy a disease and Black Lives Matter a Jezebel spirit. Shane Vaughn & Jackson Lahmeyer delivered remarks to their congregants in an effort to radicalize them politically”.


Description from YouTube: “Jesse plays voicemails from two different callers about the radical Christian pastors who railed against democratic values – one of them literally calling democracy a DISEASE!”


Christians Who Supports Trump and Votes Republican are Hypocrites

There is no area where the Republican Party and Christianity intersect, and yet far too many Christians claim that they vote for Republicans on religious grounds. This is pure hypocrisy – you can’t be both a good Christian and a Republican loyalist, as the two truly are mutually exclusive.

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