Good Riddance to Election Denying Lunatic LOSER KARI LAKE!

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Radical Right Wing Republican Election Denying Lunatic Kari Lake LOSES the Arizona Gubernatorial Race!





LOSER Kari Lake Melts Down After Losing Election For Arizona Governor


Sean Hannity’s Sulking Admission That Kari Lake Lost

Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity’s sulking admission that Kari Lake lost her 2022 election


Radical Right Wing Anti-Democratic Republican FASCIST LUNATIC Kari Lake Leaves Trump’s House Determined to Overturn Election

Failed Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announces she will now try to overturn the election she lost against Katie Hobbs, shortly after leaving Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago


Reporter HUMILIATES Radical Right Wing Republican LUNATIC Kari Lake on LIVE TV


Loser Kari Lake Can’t Even Attract A Crowd To A Protest











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