Make Google YouTube Stop Showing Ron DeSantis Ads

DeSantis re-election campaign has been placing his OFFENSIVE ads on Anti-Republican channels in a futile effort to influence Democrat and Independent voters.

Here’s how you can send a message to Anti-Democratic Fascist Authoritarian Republican, Wanna-be Dictator Ron DeSantis that your NOT going to be FORCED to watch his OFFENSIVE ads.

Anytime Wanna-be Dictator Ron DeSantis ads start to play (or any other Anti-Democratic Fascist Republican), hit the back button or refresh to IMMEDIATELY stop their ads from playing. This will be recorded by google statistics indicating viewers do not like the ad so they will show it less or stop showing it.


Sometimes a “AdChoices” icon will appear by the ad. When you see an ad you don’t like, click the “AdChoices” icon, then click “Stop seeing this ad”. This will send a message to Google / YouTube to stop showing the ad.


This video shows how to block an ad and file a complaint. You could state something like this;

“Desantis is an anti-democratic FASCIST who is DESTROYING democracy and freedom of speech. He passed laws criminalizing protesting, Anti-choice Laws against Women’s Rights, signed a transgender athlete discrimination bill into law, Passed “Don’t say Gay” Law, punished Disney and Tampa Bay Rays for speaking out against his oppression and much more. By running DeSantis ads, your helping to DESTROY Democracy.




  • Anti-choice Laws against Women’s Rights
  • “Don’t say Gay” Law which doesn’t fix any existing problems. This is a “Solution in Search of a Problem” and more unnecessary BIG Government regulations & restrictions which will make teachers jobs more difficult.
  • Passed Laws making protesting a felony. Another “Solution in Search of a Problem” law because there’s been no instances of “protesting” which caused property destruction in Florida. This law was passed to SILENCE and INTIMIDATE anyone who dare protest and raise objections to Republican’s Oppression (similar to laws in Russia and North Korea)
  • Teachers must withhold ALL of their classroom library books until they can be individually reviewed for certification in the wake of a new law, House Bill 1467, which can result in a third-degree felony if violated.
  • DeSantis has publicly called for putting cameras and microphones into classrooms to monitor teachers. He wants more surveillance in every part of our lives — empowering legislators to police classrooms, doctor’s offices, the workplace.
  • Passed laws making it legal to run over and KILL protesters
  • Laws limiting what can be discussed in classrooms
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed transgender athlete discrimination bill into law (Jun 2, 2021)
  • Florida Anti-Free Speech Law will Survey University Students and Faculty About their Political Beliefs
  • Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Decreasing the number of Days and Hours  people can Vote, Purging Minorities off Voters Rolls, Decreasing Drop-boxes, Decreasing Voting Machines  in Urban areas, Limiting Polling locations / hours, Making it harder to Vote by Mail
  • Voting Police – Florida Republicans proposed a police unit dedicated to hunting voter fraud when only 3 cases where found during the 2020 election in retirement community called the villages. all of which voted for Republican Trump
  • Desantis wants his own Florida State Guard, a paramilitary force disbanded in 1947. Unlike the FL Guard, the FSG will answer solely to Governor DeSantis. No federal deployments. No federal missions. No federal dollars.
  • Desantis fought for and was given the authority to redraw Congressional districts to rig elections in Republican’s favor so they can’t be voted out or removed from office. Rigging elections for one-party rule is one of the hallmarks of Anti-Democratic Fascist Regimes
  • Attacking / Threatening Freedom of Speech – Furious that Disney spoke out against Republicans ridiculous “Don’t say Gay” law, Ron Desantis & Florida Republicans retaliated by stripping Walt Disney World of the special taxing district that independently governs. This is the stuff of Nixon’s enemies list and anti-democratic Fascist Authoritarian dictators.


If you believe in Freedom of Speech and Democracy, it’s your DUTY to FIGHT back against the type of OPPRESSION DeSantis stands for.







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