MAGA Morons Chants “Stop The Steal!”

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Dumb Ass Trump Supporter Chants “Stop The Steal!”


Description from YouTube: “Trump / StopTheSteal attorney Lin Wood urges Georgians not to vote for the Georgia GOP Senators Loeffler and Perdue in the upcoming Senate runoff elections”.


CNN’s Brianna Keilar calls out and exposes Trump’s ridiculous “Rigged Election” and “Voter Fraud” LIES


U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why he says 2020 voting was “most secure in American History”.


Trump Supporter… too stupid or stubborn to admit or realize that Joe Biden won the election, fair & square.


Too stupid to admit or realize that Trump is a Pathological Liar who holds the world record for lying (over 30,000 lies, false or misleading statements).


So Stupid they believe Trump, who says he “Won the Election!”… or Rudy Giuliani and Fox Propaganda Ministers who claim the 2020 Elections was “Rigged & Stolen” and that millions of people “Voted Illegally!”

Of course, you’d have to be pretty damn stupid to vote for Trump & Republicans in the 1st place!






Trump Disgusted by His Own Supporters

Howard Stern: Trump hates his supporters


Olivia Troye who was Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to Vice President Pence talks about how Trump only cares about himself and how she heard him say; “maybe the Covid is a good thing… so I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people”.


Trump Secretly Mocks Christian Supporters



Description from YouTube: “We have reached that point in the Trump Coup where he’s discovered to have had his own spy inside the Department of Justice trying to steal info to be used in this crazed, fascist fabricated “election fraud” campaign.

BUT, we’re also still in the stage of the Coup where Trump’s cultists like Michael Flynn and Lin Wood are calling for martial law, suspension of the constitution, and preparations for civil war.

Yet, Trump apologists like Senator Johnson of Wisconsin are insisting Democrats and other Biden supporters need to “accommodate” Trump’s backers, and asking us how we are going to do so, even though more votes were cast against him than against any other candidate in American history?”

ACCOMMODATE THEM? While they’re trying to overthrow the democracy? No! The answer to the question “how do you accommodate Trump’s seditious insurrectionists” is indict them, arrest them, and F THEM”.


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