Florida Surgeon General: Prop for Anti-Science Gov. DeSantis

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Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo is being used as a Prop & “Yes Man” by Anti-Science Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the right wing’s fascist agenda.


Florida Becomes First State To Recommend NOT Vaccinating Children For COVID

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his anti-science brigade have decided that they are smarter than the CDC, and they are officially recommending that parents do not get “healthy” children vaccinated for COVID. Reputable medical professionals disagree with this decision, but DeSantis is ok with letting even more people die from COVID under his watch if it means disagreeing publicly with the Biden administration.


Florida Health Official Put On Leave For Telling Staff To Get Vaccinated

A Florida health official was placed on a two-month leave after sending an email to staffers encouraging them to get vaccinated. That’s the keyword – ENCOURAGED. Nowhere in the email did the official say that vaccines were required, and there were no threats to employees who didn’t want to get vaccinated. But the Republican-controlled government still wanted to punish the official for going against the anti-science narratives that they’ve been pushing for two years


Florida Gov. DeSantis Taps A New Surgeon General Who Doesn’t Support Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Joseph Ladapo comes to Florida from UCLA and is a Harvard Medical School graduate. He says vaccines are not the only way to promote “good health” and the decision to get one is up to each person.

Per the above article; “Florida Gov. DeSantis Taps A New Surgeon General Who Doesn’t Support Vaccine Mandates”

The title says it all… anti-science Florida Gov. DeSantis chose “Dr” Ladapo because he “Doesn’t Support Vaccine Mandates“.  Just what you’d expect out of a Anti-Democratic, Authoritarian, Fascist, Banana Republic Wanna-be Dictator. Hires people not for their qualifications, but instead who will kiss his ass, “tow the line” and follow what-ever ridiculous, 1800’s backwards, UN-scientific BS policies DeSantis implements.


Sources Dispute Florida Surgeon General’s Claims About Treating Covid Patients At UCLA

Rachel Maddow reports on sources and documents from UCLA that dispute Dr. Joseph Ladapo’s claims that before he was named surgeon general of the state of Florida he treated Covid patients at UCLA’s flagship hospital.

This is what you get when you vote for Republicans… incompetent, anti-science IDIOTS… BIG GOVERNMENT FASCISTS who want to control every aspect of your life, such as making you carry a child to term after you’ve been RAPED, then denying support for the child they made you carry and rigging elections so you can’t vote the anti-democratic fascists out.


Florida State Senator: Dr. Ladapo Is ‘Completely Unfit’ To Be Florida’s Surgeon General

Democratic Florida State Senator Tina Polsky, who has been diagnosed with cancer, describes to Lawrence O’Donnell how Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo refused to wear a mask during an office meeting even after she told him she has a serious medical condition.


Despite Red Flags, Florida Republicans Poised To Confirm Questionable Surgeon General

Florida State Senator Tina Polsky talks about her frustration at watching her Republican colleagues ignore their better judgement and support Joseph Ladapo, Ron DeSantis’ pick for state surgeon general with dubious views on Covid and discouraging evaluations from his previous colleagues.


Terrifying’: State lawmaker on Florida’s newly appointed surgeon general

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to Democratic Florida State Senator Lauren Book about a contentious confirmation hearing for Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo that ended abruptly after Democrats walked out in protest, prompting Republicans to immediately vote to favorably recommend Ladapo.


Florida’s new surgeon general: A well-educated COVID crank | Editorial

It was bad enough when Florida had a surgeon general who went missing in action during a full-blown pandemic. Now Gov. Ron DeSantis has picked a replacement who thinks COVID vaccines are overrated. Could have been worse. Could have been Nicki Minaj.

Per the above article; “Florida’s new surgeon general: A well-educated COVID crank”

“We don’t know what his thoughts might be about swollen testicles as a side effect of vaccines, but when asked whether Florida should be promoting vaccines more aggressively, Ladapo offered this gem: “The state should be promoting good health, and vaccination isn’t the only path for that. It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that’s just senseless.”

“Ladapo believes in herd immunity through natural infection. He warns of unknown risks from COVID vaccinations. He’s argued against vaccine mandates. He questions the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He’s touted hydroxychloroquine to prevent and treat COVID. He’s been associated with a right-wing group of physicians whose members include a physician who believes infertility and miscarriages are the result of having sex with demons and witches during dreams”.

“And on Wednesday, to kick off his tenure, Ladapo signed an order that does away with mandatory quarantines for students exposed to COVID. Now, parents — including those who think the pandemic is a hoax — get to decide whether to let their possibly infected kids stay in school and risk exposing more kids. It makes us wonder what Ladapo would have thought about quarantining Typhoid Mary”.

“Florida’s new surgeon general issues rule ending required school quarantines, says parents will decide. Yes, Florida, your new surgeon general is a well-educated COVID crank, the perfect bookend for a governor whose pandemic doctrine amounts to, “Hey, stuff happens. So party while you still can!”

“We should expect nothing better from DeSantis, who at a recent news conference stood mutely by as one of his invited guests parroted misinformation about COVID vaccines altering a person’s genetics, and while another speaker suggested the vaccine might kill her. This is a governor who pays more official visits to restaurants than to hospitals, even as Floridians die from COVID at a breathtaking pace”.

“Did we mention that Florida’s now up to a nation-leading 376 people dying from COVID every day during the past week, and that Florida is now No. 10 among states with the highest rates of COVID deaths since the pandemic began”.



Florida Bans The Phrases ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Global Warming’


An employee of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection says he was suspended for expressing his views on climate change. That’s how they treat people who tell the truth in Russia, except Putin has them ARRESTED and MURDERED. That’s how things will be in this country if Americans don’t wake up and vote these ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FASCISTS OUT.


This 1963 Episode of The Twilight Zone epitomizes today’s Anti-Democratic Fascist Republicans












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