Ukraine Fighting Back and Kicking Russian’s ASSES

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Dozens of Russian troops killed in deadly Ukrainian attack

Ukraine’s single deadliest attack against Russia in months has left dozens of Russian troops dead. NBC News’ Matt Bradley brings us the latest on the ongoing conflict.


Ukraine forces blow up bridge to thwart Russian advance in east


Russian Warship Moskva SUNK!


Videos show Ukraine Fighting Back and killing Russian Troops who are invading and destroying Ukraine at the orders of BRUTAL, LAWLESS Dictator Vladimir Putin

Video appears to show Russian vehicles destroyed after battle

CNN has geolocated video appearing to show the destruction of Russian military vehicles by Ukrainian forces on the edge of Kyiv, Ukraine.


Russian Governor Claims Ukrainian Helicopters Fired On Russian Oil Depot

A Russian governor is claiming that Ukrainian helicopters have fired on an oil depot in Belgorod, a Russian city near the Ukraine border. Ukrainian officials have not confirmed or denied the allegations.


Russian Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky killed by Ukrainians in ‘major demotivator’ for invading army


Ukrainians continue to fight back against Russian forces


Ukraine’s Civilians Take Up Arms Against Russia’s Invasion



Unarmed Ukrainians stop Russian tank from entering village


First ‘prisoners of war’: Ukraine captures Russian soldiers


Vladimir Putin: Responsible for Deaths & Destruction in Ukraine

As Ukrainian soldiers hold off the Russian military, security analysts believe Putin underestimated Ukraine and the world’s response.


putin can eat shit






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