Joe Biden Should SUE Trump for Defamation

Trump’s Furious Reaction to E. Jean Carroll Verdict: ‘THIS IS NOT AMERICA’

The former president found a way to blame Joe Biden for the verdict against him.

Per the above article; “The former president found a way to blame Joe Biden for the verdict against him”

“Just minutes after being ordered by a jury to cough up $83.3 million to pay his rape accuser on Friday, Donald Trump threw a tantrum on social media blaming President Joe Biden for the verdict. In a sign that he apparently has not learned his lesson from the massive monetary judgment against him for defamation, he mocked Carroll in a separate statement on Telegram.

“We asked for one Trial, on the E. Jean Carroll False Accusation Case, but the Judge wouldn’t give it to us, he made us have two Trials on the same Hoax, and then, on the second Trial, they were allowed to use whatever information they wanted from the first, but we weren’t allowed to use anything!” he complained.

“Our Legal System is in shambles! This is another Biden Demanded Witch Hunt against his Political Opponent, funded and managed by Radical Left Democrats”.

Joe Biden and the DNC should SUE Trump for Defamation for falsely blaming Biden and “Radical Left” Democrats for E. Jean Carroll $83 Million Dollar Verdict, because Biden and Democrats had NOTHING to do with E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit. This is another example of how TRUMP refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

REPUBLICANS are the REAL RADICALS… with tax breaks for the rich & not making them pay their fair share to balance the budget, do anything /say anything lies to get elected, lying about the 2020 election being “rigged & stolen”, threatening our Liberty & Freedom by passing laws which Criminalize Assembly & Protests, their WOKE, Culture Wars BULLSHIT, Laws Limiting what can be Discussed in Classrooms, Laws Legalizing Running over & Killing Protestors, refusing to increase the ownership age of guns to 21 and refusing eliminate assault weapons causing children to be MASSACRED in classrooms, taking away a women’s right to make decisions about their own bodies by Passing Anti-Choice Legislation Against Women, Turning the U.S. into a Gestapo Secret Police State by Placing $10,000 Bounties on anyone who helps a Women get an Abortion, charging women with MURDER if they have a miscarriage, Forcing 10 yr/old Girls to give Birth to a Rapist Child, voted over 50 times to eliminate Affordable Healthcare, Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Voter Obstruction, Voter Purges, Passing laws to Overturn Election Results they don’t like, Decreasing Voting by Mail, Decreasing Drop Boxes, Decreasing the Days & Hours people can Vote, Making it Illegal to give Food or Water to people waiting in Long Lines they’re responsible for causing to make it difficult to Vote, Conspiracy Theories and refusing to eliminate the Electoral College which made two (2) unpopular & unqualified Republicans Presidents, who the majority didn’t vote for.


Trump just can’t stop defaming E. Jean Carroll. In the span of one hour, Trump made at least 42 posts on Truth Social attacking Carroll. Many of those posts include screenshots of posts Carroll made on social media in roughly the past decade that involve the topic of sex, something Trump has done before when attacking her online.


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Trump Was Told Election Workers He Terrorized Was Innocent

Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump and his supporters terrorized Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, he falsely accused of rigging the state’s election against him even though former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue told him the accusations were bogus.

I can’t understand why Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss’s law firm (Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP) which sued Rudy Giuliani, hasn’t also sued TRUMP.



Trump Deserves the WORST Life has to Offer and
Sued for EVERYTHING he’s got for his Outrageous Behavior




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