Colorado Supreme Court Justices Receive Death Threats after Trump is Removed

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Colorado Supreme Court Justices Receive Death Threats from LAWLESS, scum of the earth Republican Trump supporters after he was removed from the ballot for inciting an insurrection and engaging in a coup to stay in power after he LOST the 2020 election.


Colorado Supreme Court facing a flood of threats after disqualifying Donald Trump from ballot”

Frank Figluzzi, former Assistant Director for counterintelligence at the FBI, Andrew Weissman former top official at the Justice Department and Basil Smikle, Director of the Public Policy program at Hunter College join Alicia Menendez in for Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House to discuss the threats facing the Colorado Supreme Court as a result of their ruling taking Donald Trump of the presidential ballot in that states election, and what it says about our current political climate and how threats of violence have been normalized.






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