FBI to Counter Anti-Masker’s Threats Of Violence

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Garland calls in FBI to counter Anti-Vaxxers Threats Of Violence threats against school staffers

The Biden administration is pushing its partial vaccine mandate of large companies as anti-vaxxers push against people getting vaccinated. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses the rise in disturbing, partisan attacks across the country and fact-checks lies about the effectiveness of vaccines. Melber clarifies that while people have the right to say what they believe, they don’t have the right to menace or attack others for their beliefs.


Anti-Vaxx / Anti-Mask IDIOTS Advocating VIOLENCE! #LockThemUp!


“We Will Find You”: Anti-Maskers Harass People Advocating for Masks In Schools

“We know who you are. You can leave freely. But we will find you. And we know who you are.” Anti-maskers harassed people who had been advocating for masks in schools in this Tennessee.

OPINION: The people above who are making threats should have been arrested IMMEDIATELY. We need LAW & ORDER in this country.


FL School Board Member Details Terrifying Harassment By Anti-Maskers

Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County Florida School Board member, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the harassment she has faced for supporting masks and why “it only takes one person to terrorize you.”



Republican / Conservative / Right-Wingers have always been the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT… because RIGHT WINGERS are BULLIES by nature.

HARSH & LENGTHY Prison sentences along with HARD LABOR should be imposed on LAWLESS, VIOLENT Right-Wing ANTI-VAXX / ANTI MASKERS who threaten violence




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