Trump Tells Donors To Send Money to Him & Not GOP

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Trump is trying to solidify his power as the head of the Republican Party by telling donors that they should send their money to him instead of to other Republicans. The GOP is heading down a dangerous road by letting Donald Trump control the fundraising apparatus, because the only thing he is going to do is put more money in his own pockets.


Trump Moved $2.3 Million In Campaign Donations To His Private Companies

Donald Trump continued to shift money from his donors to his business last month, as his reelection campaign paid his private companies for rent, food, lodging and other expenses, according to a review of the latest Federal Election Commission filings. The richest president in American history, who has yet to donate to his 2020 campaign, has now moved $2.3 million of contributions from other people into his private companies.

The most recent expenses look familiar. The president accepted $38,000 in rent last month through Trump Tower Commercial LLC, the entity that owns his Fifth Avenue skyscraper. Since Trump took office, his campaign has paid that company $1.5 million, more than any other property in the Trump empire, according to an analysis of federal filings. The Republican National Committee also coordinated with the campaign to pay Trump Tower Commercial LLC an additional $225,000.

Trump got another $8,000 in July via the Trump Corporation, a management company that he owns. The precise reason for those payments is unclear. Campaign filings describe the rationale as “legal & IT consulting” but it’s still a mystery why Trump’s management company is providing such services. The Trump Corporation has now taken in $281,000 from the campaign since the president entered the Oval Office.

Senior Editor Dan Alexander explains where the majority of the money went and what questions still linger.

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