Hunter Biden Fighting Back Against Republican’s Harassment

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Hunter Biden Fighting Back Against Republican Harassment With a Lawsuit against Laptop Shop Owner and DEMANDS Probe of Fox News

Federal lawsuit filed by Hunter Biden against the laptop repair owner for invasion of privacy for turning over the laptop to Trump and MAGA world.


Hunter Biden CALLS Matt Gaetz OUT After Question About Drug Use


Hunter Biden slams GOP ahead of House deposition deadline

Hunter Biden spoke to reporters outside the US Capitol on the same day that a GOP-led investigation gave President Joe Biden’s son a deadline to appear for a closed-door deposition.


The owner of the laptop repair shop that is at the center of the “Hunter Biden’s laptop” drama finally spoke out on conservative media and said that most of what is coming out about the laptop is pure fiction, including reports of the photos that were allegedly on the computer.


Hunter Biden requests investigation into Trump allies over alleged theft of laptop data

After years of attacks from the GOP, lawyers for Hunter Biden are requesting an investigation into former President Trump’s allies, saying they trafficked in stolen information from the president’s son’s laptop.


Hunter Biden legal team going on the offensive


Hunter Biden THREATENS Tucker Carlson With Lawsuit, DEMANDS Probe of Fox News, Laptop Shop Owner


Evidence suggests Hunter Biden is being treated worse than anyone else would be


GOP’s shameless double standard on display with their Hunter Biden obsession

The Republican Party loves to complain about the so-called “two-tiered justice system” when discussing Hunter Biden but they never seem to care about Donald Trump’s ongoing legal problems. MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin calls out the GOP’s attempts to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Bidens while playing defense for Trump.


‘Simply about the polling’: House member slams hearing on Hunter Biden probe

The House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing with two IRS whistleblowers Wednesday on the DOJ’s Hunter Biden investigation. Reps. Dan Goldman, D-NY, and Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., joins Morning Joe to discuss.


All smoke, no fire and a lot of McCarthyism as Republicans vow to keep investigating Hunter Biden

President Biden’s son Hunter is expected to plead guilty to two federal misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his taxes. Biden reached an agreement with a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney for Delaware. Yet House Speaker Kevin McCarthy blasted the ‘sweetheart deal’ and Republicans vow to continue investigating Hunter Biden.


GOP relies on ‘Whataboutism’ Defense Amid Trump Indictments

Trump defenders are using Hunter Biden to deflect from former President Trump’s latest indictment. Peter Baker and Philip Bump help debunk the lies pushed by Radical Right Wing Republicans.


Democratic calls out Republicans over their lack of credibility


Republicans suffer ULTIMATE humiliation in Hunter Biden saga


No Evidence Of Wrongdoing Tied To Joe Biden’s Son

Trump and Rudy Giuliani have made repeated allegations against the Bidens, but For Fact’s Sake, there is no evidence of wrongdoing tied to his son Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business. Ali Velshi explains what we know. Aired on 09/23/19.


Hunter Biden sues computer repair shop owner who worked on a laptop, accusing him of trying to invade his privacy | CNN Politics

Hunter Biden is accusing the Delaware computer repair shop owner who worked on a laptop of trying to invade his privacy and wrongfully sharing his personal data for political purposes, according to new federal court filings.

Hunter Biden sues laptop repair shop owner, citing invasion of privacy


The Truth About Hunter & Joe Biden

Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi takes a look at conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and his son. They break down the claims about the Bidens and shed light on what’s true and what’s false. Aired on 10/3/19.


Hunter Biden NY Post Story linked To Giuliani & Ex-Hannity Staffer

The Hunter Biden New York Post stories causing controversy are linked to Rudy Giuliani, co-reported on by an ex-Hannity staffer, have many holes, and provide little proof for key allegations, NPR reporter David Folkenflik tells Tiffany Cross



The Hunter Biden ‘Scandal’ is NOTHING compared to Jared Kushner, who profited from his government position given to him by Trump who engaged in Nepotism to his Daughter and Son-in-law. Not a peep about THAT by Partisan HACK Republicans who want to deflect away from support of their lawless leader TRUMP


Why Jared Kushner is the real criminal, not Hunter Biden

Steve Schmidt explains why the Republicans insist on senselessly focusing on Hunter Biden’s private matters while failing to discuss the proven corruption of Jared Kushner that Donald Trump enabled during his administration.


Jared Kushner’s money from Saudi Arabia Examined

Economic analyst Steve Rattner looks at the sources of Jared Kushner’s $3.1 billion cash haul.


Hunter Biden & Laptop is NOTHING Compared to Kushner’s $2 Billion Saudi Deal


‘Blinking red light’ scandal of Kushner’s Saudi billions looms as GOP faceplants on Hunter Biden

As House Republicans continue to produce duds to support the scandal they’re trying to build around President Joe Biden, former Senator Claire McCaskill points out the glaringly suspicious relationship between Jared Kushner and Saudi Arabia and calls for Senate Democrats to hold hearing on that and the sheer volume of grift that took place under the Trump administration.

How Jared Kushner And The Trump Admin Traded U.S. Foreign Policy For $2 Billion

Chris Hayes: “Essentially, the Trump administration sold U.S. foreign policy, Jamal Khashoggi’s life, and American principles on liberal democracy and freedom of the press for $2 billion that went straight into Jared Kushner’s pocket.”


Massive Saudi investment raises questions about Jared Kushner’s business dealings

A $2 billion investment to Jared Kushner from a fund led by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has raised questions about the ethics of post-White House business dealings. Kushner’s private equity firm secured the investment after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman overruled a host of objections from the sovereign wealth funds’ advisers. Geoff Bennett reports.


Kushner’s Cozy Ties With Saudis Exposed

Jared Kushner, former Senior Advisor to Donald Trump, is being questioned by Senators for his ties to the Saudis after the release of an explosive report.


New Reporting Shows Shameless Self-Dealing By Trump Admin’s Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin

Rachel Maddow highlights the latest installment in a series of reports from the New York Times about how Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, and Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, used their positions in the U.S. government to develop relationships with foreign governments, and then made massive private financial deals with those governments once Trump was out of office.





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