Trump’s Star Should be Removed from Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Donald Trump’s Star should be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame because he’s a lawless pathological liar who incited violence and an insurrection to overturn and steal the 2020 election. He’s a racist, hateful vindictive bully, mean-spirited asshole, has no humility, never admits he’s wrong, never apologizes and a fascist, wannabe-dictator who’s a threat to our democracy.

After the most recent instance of vandalism at President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the local city council wants it gone. Last month Austin Clay says he took a pickaxe to the star in the middle of the night. While the city council passed a resolution calling to remove it, the chamber of commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, says it has never removed a star before.


Trump behaves like a NUTCASE… a 75 Year Old Entitled SPOILED BRAT and the most disgusting excuse of a Human Being who’s ever lived. This video shows how Trump managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


Trump is a Lawless, Lying Treasonous Piece of Shit who tried to STEAL the 2020 Election by falsely claiming the election was “Rigged”, “Stolen” & he “Won in a landslide” with no proof, incited an insurrection and COUP to overthrow the United States Government, overturn / steal the 2020 election and install himself as an UN-ELECTED DICTATOR.


Reality Winner was arrested for stealing one (1) Secret Document (within days), so why hasn’t Trump been arrested for his theft of hundreds of Top Secret Document? This is another example of how there’s Two Justice Systems in the United States… one for the RICH & politically well connected… another for everyone else.






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