Madison Cawthorn: Piece of Shit for Calling President Zelensky a Thug

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Jesse talks about an editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal that calls him out for being a do-nothing rabble-rouser agent of chaos rather than a productive representative for the people of the 11th congressional district of North Carolina. They are echoing the same strong condemnation that many have been for Cawthorn’s entire time in the House of Representatives.


Madison Cawthorn is a Dumb-Ass PUNK & Disgusting Piece of Shit for providing Pro-Putin / Russia Propaganda by calling President Zelensky a Thug. PUTIN is the REAL Thug and a MURDERER.


Republicans Exposed as Traitors


Republicans In North Carolina Are Sick Of Madison Cawthorn

Republicans in today’s Republican Party have a very delicate balancing act to perform, and so far most of them aren’t able to do it. Madison Cawthorn is learning the hard way that you can’t go full lunatic in your first year in office, especially when your district isn’t as safe as you’d like it to be. Cawthorn is now facing serious primary challengers endorsed by prominent Republicans, and a new report from NPR shows that many voters in his district are already tired of his antics. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


Reagan knew evil when he saw it and stood against it. Today’s Republicans…not so much.


Vladimir Putin: a Dictator, Murderer, Terrorist, Bully of the world – attacked Ukraine & citizens without provocation, has had political opponents jailed, murdered, poisoned, seized oil companies, interfered in elections around the world, helped install LUNATIC Trump as President and much more.


The world stands with Ukraine and against Putin’s unlawful, unprovoked invasion


Republicans, Trump, Mike Pompeo, FOX, Tucker Carlson and Right Wing Media praised murderous, lawless Russian Dictator Putin while disparaging President Joe Biden.


Civilian deaths rise from Brutal Russian siege in Ukraine

Russia bombed a theater in Mariupol, where hundreds were taking shelter, despite the word “children” clearly posted outside. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. is documenting potential war crimes committed by Russia during the war.


Republicans proved what Lawless, Treasonous, scum of the earth they are by Praising Autocrat Dictator Putin, who has opponents jailed, poisoned and murdered as a “Strong Leader” and waving Russian flags at the 2017 CPAC.



Madison Cawthorn Should be ARRESTED for Advocating Violence

RADICAL RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN Madison Cawthorn should be arrested for advocating violence!



Madison Cawthorn KICKED OFF Ballot for Advocating Violence?!


Madison Cawthorn’s Hometown Paper Urges Republican Party To Punish Him

Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn received a scathing rebuke from his hometown newspaper this week, following disturbing comments that he made during a speech last weekend. Cawthorn had said that there could be “bloodshed” over future elections, and this was the final straw for many who believed they could simply ignore the small-time Congressman. He has now faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, and his future is now less secure than ever, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


Rep. Swalwell: Madison Cawthorn Should Face Consequences For ‘Bloodshed’ Warning

Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s warning of possible ‘bloodshed’ if fraud occurs in future elections is slammed by Rep. Eric Swalwell. MSNBC analyst Clint Watts also joins The ReidOut with his analysis of violent conservative rhetoric.


Lying About 2020, Rep. Cawthorn Warns Of More ‘Bloodshed’

In a video now pulled from Facebook, Republican Rep. Matthew Cawthorn falsely told supporter that Joe Biden was not dutifully elected and warned ‘rigged’ elections will lead to more ‘bloodshed.’ We discuss the violent rhetoric and its implications with Juanita Tolliver and Matthew Dowd.


Madison Cawthorn’s INSANE Armed Takeover Rant

Rep. Madison Cawthorn made an insane point bolstering Second Amendment rights, but comparing baring arms to the Viet Cong’s fight against U.S. Marines.


Women allege sexual misconduct against North Carolina GOP lawmaker

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn is facing allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by several women who say he put them in uncomfortable situations when he was a college student, with the former classmates detailing to CNN how the rising star of the conservative right would use “fun” drives as a way to make unwanted advances on them


Madison Cawthorn Just GOT SMASHED in Perfect Political Ad Using His Own Words Against Him!

Jesse talks about a campaign ad against North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn by his opponent Jasmine Beach-Ferrara. In the ad, she calls Madison what he is, an extremist who has been radicalized


Republicans really fall for this nonsense: The GOP is the party of stupid, but its voters are the deluded ones

One wonders how Republican primary voters can listen to the disruptive, yet vague, stump speeches of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and believe that they have any specific plans to govern. A celebrated essayist, roundly criticizing the partisan divide, has written forcefully of “the Mob of Malcontents” who are quick to believe in “absurdity,” who are “daily nourished …










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