George Santos is like SNL Tommy Flanagan LIAR

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George Santos is like Saturday Night Live’s Pathological Liar, Tommy Flanagan with catch phrase “Yeah… that’s the ticket” played by John Lovitz


Pathological Liar Tommy Flanagan & Pee Wee Herman in the BIG HOUSE


Saturday Night Live Pathological Liar Tommy Flanagan… Yeah, that’s the ticket!


LYING REPUBLICAN George Santos gets hounded and followed by a “Media Circus” Press corps on his first Day at United States Capital


George Santos Picks Nose All Alone, Running from Questions on 1st Day in Congress

Lying Republican Congressman George Santos has quite a first day at the office, sitting alone in the House, running away from reporters, getting stuck in a dead-end hallway, and picking his nose on camera




George Santos claimed to be one of the first people in the US diagnosed with COVID-19. That looks to be bogus too.

George Santos’ latest dubious claim appears to involve a COVID-19 diagnosis from 2020. The timeline of testing positive and getting sick differs in various retellings of the story. His descriptions of the severity of his illness have also changed over time, per The Daily Beast. Rep.



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