Twitter Worth Half What Musk Paid for It!

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Twitter is now worth roughly half of what CEO Elon Musk paid for it. It comes as some conservatives regressives sour on Musk, after new data reveals censorship on the social media platform has increased under Musk’s leadership.


Twitter suffers “massive drop in revenue,” Elon Musk says

Advertisers were worried about how Musk would handle content moderation after taking over the platform.

Per the above article: ” Elon Musk said Friday that Twitter has experienced “a massive drop in revenue” due to advertisers leaving the platform.

The big picture: Before Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, marketers expressed concerns about how Musk would handle content moderation on the platform because he has said he will embrace a free speech-first approach.

Musk’s tweet comes on the same day that the social media platform has begun laying off thousands of employees.

State of play: General Motors, Pfizer and Audi are among the companies that have pulled their ads from Twitter due to content moderation concerns, per the Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

  • General Mills also said it paused advertising on Twitter, with a spokeswoman telling the Star Tribune the company “will continue to monitor this new direction and evaluate our marketing spend.”
  • GLAAD, Leaders of Voto Latino, Color of Change, Media Matters and other advocacy groups on Friday called on companies to pause Twitter ads, saying the recent layoffs will put content moderation standards at risk.
  • Last Tuesday, more than 40 civil rights and civil society groups urged Twitter’s top 20 advertisers to suspend ads on the platform, too.


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