Real Reason Trump Won’t Concede

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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich exposes how Trump is swindling his supporters through his meaningless “Official Election Defense Fund”.

Trump has launched an “Official Election Defense Fund,” bombarding his supporters with fundraising appeals to supposedly finance the campaign’s ongoing litigation against nonexistent voter fraud.

But the fine print tells a different story.

60 percent of a donation to Trump’s “Official Election Defense Fund” goes to Save America, Trump’s new leadership Political Action Committee that he set up less than a week after the election. The other 40 percent goes to the Republican National Committee. So if someone donates $500, Trump’s PAC gets $300, the RNC gets the other $200, and not a cent actually goes to the election defense fund.

Trump is lining his pockets by attacking our elections and undermining our democracy — and swindling his supporters every step of the way.


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