Republican Deregulation Causes High Texas Electric Bills

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Homeowners hit with electric bills as high as $17K amid Texas winter storm


Many Texans are facing sky high electricity bills, some charged thousands of dollars for just the past few days due to the freezing weather. NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle talks to a Texas resident who usually spends 49 dollars a month in electricity, and had a recent bill of 4,000 dollars.


Texas Makes Citizens Pay For Power Grid Failures


Republican Texas Lt. Governor Mocks Citizens Hit With Ridiculous Energy Bills

Texas’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is an absolutely disgusting human being. During an interview with Fox News this week, Patrick suggested that citizens who have been hit with astronomical energy bills of more than $10,000 should have “read the fine print” on the contracts they signed. He’s actually siding with the energy companies that are price gouging consumers.

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