Delusional Joe Manchin Defending the Filibuster

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After how Republican’s stole Obama’s Supreme Court appointment and other ruthless conduct, Joe Manchin is delusional by refusing to end the Filibuster, because Republicans have no interest in compromise and can’t be reasoned with. They are dedicated to destroying what little democracy we have, therefore the Voting Rights Act, HR1 MUST be passed. The Filibuster must be eliminated to make that happen.


Jonathan Capehart compares Joe Manchin Seeking Bipartisanship from Republicans to a boy looking for Donkey in a pile of manure


The filibuster started as an accident. Today it lets the losers rule Congress.


Why we need to end the filibuster to save our democracy. The filibuster is undemocratic, impractical, and its history is rooted in white supremacy.


Joe Manchin showed us who he is by standing and clapping for TRUMP… a politician who will do / say what-ever it takes to hold on to his seat.


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