Battleship Park Cancels 4th of July 2021 with Trump

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Battleship Park in Mobile Alabama Cancels 4th of July 2021 with Trump out of concerns it would be a partisan political rally

Trump’s being at the 4th of July event WOULD have been a partisan event where he would have LIED about losing the election, ranted about people who refuse to kiss his ass and believe his lies.

The management at the Battleship Park did the right thing by cancelling Trump because he’s the most polarizing and hated person in the United States by the majority, who didn’t vote for him in 2016 OR 2020.


Here’s how UNPOPULAR Trump is among people who live in the REAL world. His (and his supporters) claims that he “Won” are INSANE.



THE PEOPLE SPOKE… and Trump REFUSED to accept the election results. He LIED and made INSANE claims that he “Won in a landslide”, Democrats “Rigged the Election” and engaged in “Voter Fraud” when no such evidence exists.

Instead of being a Patriotic American and accepting the election outcome like a MAN & all other presidents before him, he filed ridiculous, meritless lawsuits to overturn the election results, behaved like a Tin-pot Banana Republic Despot & proved he didn’t give a damn about democracy, decency or our country.

Trump is such a Narcissistic Nutcase & Disgusting POS that he refuses to admit HE LOST.


Trump has a history of LYING and making insane conspiracy theory claims as he did about Ted Cruz’s father in the above video. When he’s beaten, he claims he was cheated as he did in the tweet below accusing Ted Cruz of “Stealing the Election”.


Everything Trump Loses Is ‘Rigged’


Trump behaves like a 75 Year Old Entitled SPOILED BRAT who expects everyone to kiss his ass and worship him. This video shows how Trump has managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


In case anyone needs a reminder of what a disgusting POS Trump is;  “An unhinged Donald Trump fakes an orgasm while mimicking Lisa Page during a rally in Minnesota”.


A article posted by The Atlantic claimed Trump repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades and called Military Troops Suckers and Losers.


Access Hollywood tape with Trump bragging about grabbing women by the P***Y.  This should have been the end of Trump’s political career. The fact that Republicans kept him as their candidate and made him President proves their “Family Values” are BS.


Over 40 Women Accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct


Trump incited violence & insurrection. He’s the biggest TRAITOR in and the WORST excuse of a President in history.






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