Devin Nunes Resigns… Good Riddance Devin Nunes!

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Details from Youtube / Ring of Fire; “Republican Congressman Devin Nunes announced that he is resigning from Congress at the end of the year in order to pursue a new “opportunity.” It didn’t take long for that mysterious opportunity to be revealed, and Nunes will be running Trump’s social media company starting in January. Nunes was a key ally of Donald Trump, and he has made a not-so-great name for himself suing parody accounts on Twitter”.


Title from Youtube / Jesse Dollemore;  “Donald Trump’s Social Media Company is ALREADY UNDER INVESTIGATION by Federal Regulators”

Details from Youtube / Jesse Dollemore; “Jesse talks about Donald Trump’s deal to create a social media platform and the fact that it is already under investigation by the feds for potential wrongdoing”


Title from Youtube / MSNBC;  “Remember When Devin Nunes Sued A Parody Cow Twitter Account?”

Details from Youtube / MSNBC; “Mehdi takes a stroll through the soon-to-be-ex-congressman’s litigious tenure… and shares why Nunes may be the perfect choice to lead Donald Trump’s social media company”.


Title from Youtube / ReasonTV (728K subscribers): “Devin Nunes’ Lawsuit Against Twitter is an Attack on Every American’s Right to Free Speech”


Getting called names & being verbally attacked by haters is part of being a politician…. always has been and always will be. Like Harry Truman said… “If you can stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.


Haters called Obama every derogatory name imaginable… ‘Chimpanzee, Subhuman Mongrel, Fascist… Communist… Terrorist… Socialist… Racist… Muslim, a President who bows down to Allah’, etc and he didn’t sue anybody.


Title from Youtube / MSNBC;  “Trump’s DOJ Tried To Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account”

Details from Youtube / MSNBC; “Documents reveal that William Barr’s Department of Justice attempted to unmask the anonymous user of a Twitter account parodying Devin Nunes. Barbara McQuade joins Chris Hayes to discuss what this means for user privacy on the internet”.


Title from Youtube / Sacramento Bee: “Who Has Devin Nunes Sued?”

Details from Youtube / Sacramento Bee: “Republican Rep. Devin Nunes has filed ten lawsuits against media companies, activists, and the investigative research firm behind the Steele Dossier. He alleges they conspired against his re-election and harmed his reputation”.


Title from Youtube / Ring of Fire; “Judge Says Devin Nunes’ Family Must Reveal Who Is Funding Their Defamation Lawsuit”

Details from Youtube / Ring of Fire; “The family of Republican Congressman Devin Nunes has filed a lawsuit against Esquire magazine over a story that claimed the family farm, NuStar Farms, was hiring undocumented immigrants. The only problem is that even the family appears to not know who is paying their legal fees, as they’ve only had to pay a $500 one-time fee. The judge this week ruled that the family must disclose their mysterious benefactor as the case continues. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening”.


Devin Nunes’ brother admits he has ‘no idea’ who’s paying for his libel lawsuit against a political journalist, according to a poorly redacted court filing

Rep. Devin Nunes’ family members are suing the publisher of Esquire and journalist Ryan Lizza over an article about their farm. In depositions, they said they don’t pay their lawyers and have little involvement with the lawsuit. The deposition excerpts, which were sealed, were cited this week in a poorly redacted court filing.


Good Riddance Devin Nunes!



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