Trump’s New Social Media Platform is Just a Blog

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Trump’s much-promoted new social media platform has launched, and it turns out to be just a stupid pathetic blog


Total Failure: Trump Quits Blog After 29 Days Over Low Readership

Ex-president Trump is now ex-blogger Trump, shuddering his “new blog” in under a month after very low readership and public mockery. The defunct blog is not even providing an archive of past Trump “posts.”

Another EPIC FAIL!


Trevor Noah Rips Donald Trump’s New Social Media Platform: “He Just Ended Up Making a Blog”

Trump may have been banned from nearly all mainstream social media, but that didn’t stop the former president from creating a platform of his own. And now that Trevor Noah has discovered it, he’s not holding back on his honest review of Trump’s “communications platform.” Noah ripped the former president’s blog, which is named From the Desk of Donald J. Trump and includes posts designed like Tweets, on last night’s episode of The Daily Show, The Daily Beast reports.

“This dude has been saying for months that he is going to create a whole new social media platform to rival Twitter and Facebook, and he just ended up making a blog?” Noah asked. “And not just that — he’s called the blog ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’ when we know for a fact that he doesn’t spend any time there? You might as well call it ‘From the Juice Bar of Donald Trump.’”


Without simple platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Trump’s influence online has been greatly diminished. Trump’s illiteracy and stupidity is really showing in his failed attempts to write coherently as a “blogger”.

What has not diminished is his lying, bullying and delusions.

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